9 Fun Things You Must Do in Brooklyn, New York!

Brooklyn is one of the boroughs of New York City, and there are plenty of fun things to do here. One of our fondest memories of New York was chilling in Brooklyn Bridge Park while admiring the gorgeous Manhattan skyline across the river. We also enjoyed strolling across the Brooklyn Bridge, indulging in delicious food at an open-air food market, and eating some of the best pizzas in New York. And we had the special experience of seeing one of the most spectacular display of Christmas lights we had ever seen in our lives. Below is a list of our favourite things to do in Brooklyn, arranged in alphabetical order. Continue reading

Getting our Kohler Bathroom Fittings from KHK Asia

As we stepped into KHK Asia’s showroom, we were very impressed by the spacious and classy interior design. This was definitely a different experience from the many other sanitary ware shops we had visited. Continue reading

Tan Yu (探鱼) – Tantalizing Grilled Fish at 313@Somerset

Limbo Fish with Spicy SauceWe sat at our table in Tan Yu (探鱼), waiting patiently for our grilled “Limbo Fish” to arrive. A while later, it arrived steaming and in all its chili glory. Yes I love spicy food, but I wasn’t sure if my stomach was going to survive this one. I decided to bite the bullet and put a (small) piece of fish in my mouth. Continue reading

6 Best Places to Stay in Bangkok

It can be slightly overwhelming deciding where to stay in Bangkok, as there are so many options available. All the areas each has their own allure, and it really depends on what you want to see and do in Bangkok. Therefore, I have compiled a list of of popular areas to stay in Bangkok, along with the best accommodations in each area. Continue reading

Home Door Enterprise – Great Door Installation Company in Singapore

Whenever I go to our master bedroom toilet, I will admire our “Classic French Door” installed by Home Door Enterprise. It’s an affordable door that looks really pretty and classy. We engaged this company to install all the interiors doors for our new BTO house, and this is our complete review. Continue reading

12 Awesome Things to Do in Manhattan, New York City!

Manhattan is one of the five boroughs of New York City. Walking along the streets, I can understand why so many people fall in love with New York City. Manhattan is an exciting district that serves as a global center of entertainment, fashion, media, finance, art, theater and music. The classic brownstone architecture, modern skyscrapers, and numerous city attractions in Manhattan intermingle neatly in a systematic grid system, exuding an irrepressible charm that is both exciting and alluring. This is a list of fun things to do in Manhattan (arranged in alphabetical order), based on our personal experience! Continue reading

Harvest Aire – Fantastic Aircon Installation Company in Singapore!

I’m sitting at my kitchen island typing this article now comfortably in the cool air, thanks to my 24K aircon unit installed by Harvest Aire. We had a great experience with this air-conditioning company, and this is our complete review. Continue reading

Gyu Nami – $10 Wagyu Beef Donburi at Amoy Street Food Centre

It seems that every day I am discovering new gems at Amoy Street Food Centre, and Gyu Nami is my latest find. Continue reading

Wah Kee Noodle – Famous Wanton Mee Stall at Amoy Street Food Centre

“This is so good!” I thought to myself as I slurped down the wanton noodles from the famous Wah Kee Noodle (#02-125) stall in Amoy Street Food Centre. There was no doubt that I would be coming back again for this. Continue reading

Summer Hardware Trading – Awesome Sanitary Ware Shop at Jalan Besar Singapore!

We visited many shops along Jalan Besar for our sanitary fittings, and it was definitely quite a tiring experience! Finally, we decided to make our purchase from Summer Hardware Trading. This is because we were very impressed by the great service and reasonable prices here. Continue reading

10 Most Beautiful Buildings in Manhattan NY that You Have to See

Walking around Manhattan NYC, Raevian and I were fascinated by the beautiful buildings. Many of them were built during the late 19th century. This period was later termed by Mark Twain as the “Gilded Age”. This is because it was an era where social problems were masked by a thin layer of “gold gilding” – a metaphor for the period’s excesses and degenerate morals.

Therefore, we saw many stately and majestic buildings, several which were leaning towards being opulent. Below is a list of 10 famous buildings in Manhattan NYC, arranged in alphabetical order. Continue reading

EDL – Awesome Laminate Company in Singapore

For the laminates in our house, we decided to go with EDL because we were thoroughly impressed by their high-quality laminates, top-notch service, and beautiful showroom. In this article we will share about our laminates journey with EDL. Continue reading

Getting our Door and Cabinet Handles from Shanghai Tong Lee Hardware Pte Ltd

We recently went to Shanghai Tong Lee Hardware Pte Ltd at Textile Centre to buy our cabinet door/ drawer handles. This is our review of this old-school hardware shop in Singapore. Continue reading

6 Best Dessert Places in Manhattan, New York City

We came across many tantalizing dessert shops in Manhattan NYC. These served as good pit stops for us to recharge with sweet treats before continuing our exploration of Manhattan. These are six awesome dessert places we love!
Continue reading

Uni-Arm: Awesome Door Closing System in Singapore

One of the most useful things we have installed in our house is the Uni-Arm door closing system. This is a very popular door mechanism installed by many homeowners in Singapore. Continue reading

9 Awesome Museums in Manhattan (New York City)!

Manhattan (New York City) is well known for having many world-class museums. During our trip, we enjoyed touring several of these museums. Many of them offer free entry or “pay-what-you-wish” options, so make sure you check their respective websites for details before visiting. Below is a list of our favourites museums in Manhattan, arranged in alphabetical order. Continue reading

The Ultimate Walking Guide for Jackson Heights in Queens (New York)!

Jackson Heights is a neighbourhood in Queens (New York). It is arguably one of the most diversified places in the world! Over here, we saw ethnic enclaves of Indians, Latin Americans, Filipinos, and more. And of course we also tried plenty of different cuisines, such as Korean food, Mexican tacos, Indian restaurants, etc.

Before our trip, we were quite unsure about how to explore Jackson Heights. After some research, we managed to come up with a route that allowed us to fully experience the diverse nature of this vibrant enclave. We have outlined our route below, enjoy! Continue reading

Review of Getha (Singapore) – 100% Natural Latex Mattress!

I lay comfortably on the plush bed in the Getha showroom, feeling like I was going to doze off at any moment. It felt strange to be lying on a mattress in a public showroom, but there was no one else in the shop anyway. And the latex mattress was simply just too comfortable. This is our review of Getha, a company that sells premium latex mattresses in Singapore. Continue reading

Our Amazing Flying Experience on the Singapore Airlines Suites Class

For our honeymoon, Raevian and I flew the Singapore Airlines Suites Class to New York City. This elite seat class has captured people’s imagination for quite a few years now, and we were glad to finally experience it for ourselves. Continue reading

10 Awesome Things to do in Central Park NYC, The Most Famous Urban Park in the World

During our trip to New York City, we visited Central Park NYC, a large urban park in Manhattan. In this article I will list down ten best things to do in Central Park, arguably the most famous urban park in the world. Continue reading

Review of Moomedia – Our Wedding Photographer

We went with Moomedia for our pre-wedding photoshoot and actual day (AD) wedding photography. This article will highlight some of our experiences with them. Continue reading

Review of EcoPluz – Premium Vinyl Flooring in Singapore!

For our living room flooring, we decided to go with vinyl flooring from EcoPluz because it looks aesthetically pleasing and the price is very reasonable too. We were also very impressed by the good service when we visited the showroom. Continue reading