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Hello and thanks for dropping by! Eat and Travel With Us is a Food and Travel website based in Singapore. Our goal is to provide the best Travel and Food guides for you guys.

Travel Guides – we write complete one-stop guides on a particular destination, so that our readers can plan their holidays easily. The guides usually also include beautiful travel videos.

Food Guides – we recommend the best food joints. If the food is not good, it will not appear on our site!

About the Writers

Hi! My name is Evan. I am a Singaporean who runs this website with my wife Raevian.

I enjoy hanging out in quaint cafes, travelling, reading philosophy, writing, playing music, exercising, and hanging out with loved ones. I have three other websites where I write about my thoughts, philosophy and fitness respectively. I love Singapore and feel that Singlish is sometimes the best way to express oneself lah. I met Raevian five years ago at our workplace, gathered the courage to ask her out, got into a whirlwind romance, and has been caught up in the whirlwind ever since. Raevian loves to travel, and it was only a matter of time before I caught the travel bug from her and started to dream about traveling the world.

Raevian is a Singaporean and a travel addict who’s constantly craving for new experiences. She loves adventures and gets bored easily. Above is a picture of her doing the Edge Walk at Toronto’s CN Tower. Yup, that’s her cup of tea. Her next goals are to try skydiving and bungee jumping. Her dream is to travel around the world and live in a beautiful place with wonderful weather. However, she wants to eventually settle down in Singapore because she feels that this is home and nothing else can compare.

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Evan and Raevian - Eat and Travel with us
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Our main goal is to make this site a resource for travelers to plan their holidays easily. This is what drives me and Raevian to work the streets tirelessly during our trips, so that you can plan that perfect itinerary or find that elusive hole-in-the-wall food joint. This is why we work late into the nights to publish our blog posts and videos, even though we both hold full-time day jobs.

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We are blessed to have this website as our common project. It truly feels wonderful to sit in a quaint cafe with our laptops and work on this blog together. “Eat and Travel With Us” embodies our shared dreams and goals, and working on it helps to strengthen the bond between us. This website is the fruit of many hours of intense discussion and hard work. We sincerely hope you will enjoy reading it!

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