Evan and Raevian’s Wedding Journey

Hi, my name is Evan, and soon I will be marrying the girl of my dreams, Raevian.

Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl live happily ever after.

Ah.. if it were as simple as that. Every Singaporean married couple will know that there are many intricacies of a wedding to deal with, from the all-important engagement ring purchase, to the fairy tale proposal, to the dream wedding banquet.

Therefore, we have decided to chronicle our wedding journey leading up to the big day at the end of this year, both for memory’s sake and to share our experience with other young couples like us.

We know the process is not going to be easy, but we know that love is not a fairy tale either. Rather, Love is a journey of effort, commitment, and faith.

This is our Love story.

Evan and Raevian’s Wedding Journey

  1. Buying an Engagement Ring in Singapore
  2. JannPaul Diamonds Review (Jerome and Casey)
  3. A Winter Wedding Proposal in Quebec City
  4. 8 Beautiful Wedding Ballrooms in Singapore
  5. 10 Awesome Bridal Boutiques in Singapore
  6. 8 Great Hair and Makeup Artists in Singapore
  7. Cynderella by Cynthia Oh – Awesome Makeup and Hair Artist in Singapore!
  8. 5 Great Wedding Car Rental Companies in Singapore
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  12. Our Experience with Master David Tong from CMG Consulting
  13. Yuan Xi Wedding & Gifts – The BEST Place to Buy Guo Da Li Gifts in Singapore
  14. Our Xinjiang PreWedding Photoshoot – One of the Most Beautiful Places in the World!
  15. Review of Moomedia – Our Wedding Photographer
  16. CC Lee Design – Amazing Wedding Florist in Singapore!
  17. 5 Wonderful Wedding Solemnizers in Singapore
  18. Mr Francis Ng Chin Fah – Our Wonderful Wedding Solemnizer
  19. A Fairy Tale Wedding at The St. Regis Singapore

About Evan

Evan is an idealist who is deeply passionate about life. He loves good food, travelling, reading philosophy, writing, playing music, exercising, and hanging out with loved ones. He is the co-founder of Eat and Travel With Us, a Food and Travel website based in Singapore. The philosophy is simple - to provide the best Food and Travel Guides!

2 Responses to Evan and Raevian’s Wedding Journey

  1. Hong Song Nae says:

    How lovely 🙂 Best wishes to you and your wife. May God bless you with more flights instead of fights! Haha.

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