Cynderella by Cynthia Oh – Amazing Makeup and Hair Artist in Singapore!

To achieve your dream wedding-look, it is super important is to get the perfect hairstyle and makeup. Therefore, before my wedding, I looked through the portfolios of LOTS of makeup artists before finally deciding on Cynderella by Cynthia Oh. It turned out to be a wonderful decision because I simply LOVED my hair and makeup on my wedding day!

Cynderella by Cynthia Oh

Cynderella is helmed by the capable lady boss Cynthia Oh. She has a Professional Diploma from the School of Makeup (Singapore).

However, what I like about her is that she has sought to improve her makeup skills constantly over the years. She has undergone training with beauty institutions in various countries, such as “K Academy” in South Korea, “Saly Cat Bridal School” in Taiwan, “Susan Beauty Artistry” in Singapore, and the famous “Xiao Hong Bridal Makeup and Hair Academy” in Taiwan. She was also mentored by renowned Singapore Makeup and Hair Stylist, Grego Oh.

In addition, I was impressed by Cynthia’s extensive experience in the makeup industry. She has done makeup for models of big-name publications such as Tatler, Harper Bazaar, Female, Today Newspaper, etc. She also did the photoshoot makeup for Class 95 DJs.

But most importantly, after going through her impressive portfolio, I could see that her bridal hair and makeup style was very similar to what I wanted. Therefore, I decided to contact Cynthia for a deeper discussion.

Initial Discussion with Cynderella

St Regis Wedding PhotoshootRight from the onset, Cynthia was extremely professional, friendly, and responsive. We liaised mainly through WhatsApp and email, and she answered all my questions patiently and promptly. She also asked for pictures of my wedding gowns as well as pictures of myself so that she could get an idea of my hair length and color. I was very relieved by her good service because I really wanted to get a good makeup artist for my wedding. Therefore, after considering so many makeup artists, I finally decided to sign with Cynderella!

My Bridal Makeup Package

After some consideration, I decided to go for the Cynderella Bridal Luncheon Package C. This package details are listed below. I found the price to be extremely reasonable considering Cynthia’s expertise as well as the many services included. As the packages may be subject to change, you can contact Cynthia directly to find out the prices of her services and packages.

Cynderella Bridal Luncheon Package C
1 bridal hair and makeup (daytime)
Eyebrows shaping and trimming if required
Ampoule or equivalent skin conditioner
False lashes
Touch up of hair and makeup for 1st March in (if any)
1 full hair and makeup trial at makeup artist place
2nd march in change in hairdo and makeup touch up

Trial Makeup Session

Personally, I found that it is very important to have a hair and makeup trial before the actual wedding day. This is because it gives the makeup artist the chance to understand your skin and hair condition. And after the session, you can ask the makeup artist to adjust your makeup / hairstyle to be as close as possible to your desired wedding-look.

And so about two months before my wedding, we traveled to the makeup studio at Cynthia’s house for a full hair and makeup trial session. At the studio, I communicated to Cynthia the type of look that I wanted to achieve. She listened carefully and the final outcome after the session was very close to what I wanted. We took some photos of myself and I gave Cynthia some comments so that she further understood the exact makeup I wanted for my actual wedding day. Likewise for my hair, Cynthia listened very carefully to me and also looked through my sample pictures of similar hairstyles. On the actual wedding day, the makeup and hair styling by Cynthia was exactly what I wanted! I was a happy and pretty bride.

Advice to ladies who are going for makeup trial session: you may not want to dress too casually since you will be having pretty bridal makeup and hairstyle =)

Hair and Makeup on Actual Wedding Day

As mentioned earlier, Cynthia achieved the exact makeup and hairstyle that I wanted on my wedding day. Basically, I wanted a natural-looking makeup, and for my hair I wanted a not-too-complicated hairstyle with wavy curls. I was extremely happy and relieved that Cynthia knew exactly what I wanted! The worst nightmare for a bride is to have unpleasant makeup and hair on her wedding day. Cynthia was also very friendly and chatty, which was nice because I was feeling really nervous on my big day.


It was really a very pleasant experience working with Cynthia from Cynderella. With her awesome service, wonderful hair styling and makeup skills, and reasonable price, it’s no wonder that she is one of the most sought after makeup artists in Singapore. Therefore, make sure you book her way in advance because her schedule is usually extremely packed!

Cynderella by Cynthia Oh
Phone Number: +65 9738 0974

Photos by: Moomedia Pte Ltd

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