Review of Moomedia – Our Wedding Photographer

We went with Moomedia for our Xinjiang pre-wedding photoshoot and actual day (AD) wedding photography at St Regis. This article will highlight some of our experiences with them.

Who is Moomedia?

is a famous wedding photography studio in Singapore. You may have seen some of their viral wedding videos before. It is helmed by Mr Andrew Mok, who has been in the business for over ten years. He leads a full team of photographers and editors under him.

We decided to go with Moomedia for our prewedding photoshoot because we wanted to take our photos in Xinjiang, which is an exotic location that most photographers would not be very keen on going. However, Andrew and his team are very adventurous and they enjoy traveling to such places for photoshoots. What’s more, they have a very impressive portfolio of photoshoots in interesting locales like Mongolia, Madagascar, South Africa, etc.

Our Experience with Moomedia

Because this was not Moomedia’s usual “Secret Location” shoot, we had to plan the entire trip on our own. After much research, we found a reliable local guide who brought us to the beautiful places in Xinjiang. You can read about our fun Xinjiang photoshoot here.

The pictures and video footage taken in Xinjiang were amazing! Andrew and his fellow photographer Kenny were really good at finding good angles and capturing beautiful moments. It was a fun trip, and we are especially grateful to Kenny. On top of his own heavy photography equipment, he would help to carry our stuff too when we were walking on difficult terrain. He was a nice guy who always had drinks and tidbits on hand for every one.

However, after the trip, Andrew wasn’t very responsive to our messages. Despite his repeated promises, he didn’t finish editing our Xinjiang wedding video even by the night before our wedding day. I stayed up the entire night requesting for the edits, but it was never completed. I only managed to see the final product when it was played in the wedding ballroom.

And on the night before the wedding, Andrew suddenly voiced that he would prefer a “dignified” wedding meal instead of packed food. I had emailed him about a week earlier, asking for his food preference and informing him that we would get him any packed food of his choice. This was because I understood that he would be moving around to take photos, and hence I felt packed food would be more convenient. I’m not sure if this was a wrong assumption, but in any case I did not get any reply from him despite repeated chasers, until the night before my wedding. At that point, I was still imploring him to edit my wedding video. But instead of discussing about the edits, he suddenly requested for a “dignified meal”, which I assumed to be a seat at the wedding table. At that point, all I wanted was to get the video completed. Therefore, while feeling a little light-headed from lack of sleep, I apologized to him for my “oversight”. I promised him that I would get him a seat at the wedding table the next day. The video was still not completed that night.

Luckily, with the assistance of the helpful Regis staff, I managed to scramble to arrange a seat for him the next day. Complete with a place card with his name printed on it. I remember feeling utterly exhausted and stressed out on the actual day because of this incident. But luckily, the video turned out great. To a certain extent, I guess the delay was understandable. December is a popular period for weddings, and Andrew was very busy with back-to-back weddings during our wedding week.

After our wedding, we waited for about six months before our AD photos were finally ready. This was despite Andrew telling us at the start that it would only take two months. We asked him repeatedly for updates but were always met with slow or no replies.


MoomediaIf you want to go to an exotic location for your wedding photoshoot, you can consider engaging the services of Moomedia. We were very happy with how our prewedding photos and video turned out. However, I would advise you to inquire on Moomedia’s wedding schedule beforehand so that you can avoid my unpleasant experiences above.

Phone Number: +65 9824 4220

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Our Exciting Prewedding Video!

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