8 Beautiful Wedding Ballrooms in Singapore

We visited many hotel ballrooms in Singapore to select the ideal location for our wedding. It was so tiring because we had to coordinate with over a dozen wedding coordinators and make numerous trips down to the respective hotels! But it was definitely worth it because we managed to find the perfect location and a wonderful wedding coordinator.

We recommend that you arrange site visits with at least several hotels so that you can see which one you like the best. You can shortlist these hotels by going through this article as well as the pictures of other hotel ballrooms online. Make sure you check the capacity of the ballroom because depending on your number of guests, some hotel ballrooms may be too big or small for you. And do take note that some ballrooms require more guests for a wedding dinner than lunch. For example, a wedding dinner may require 400 guests but a wedding lunch in the same ballroom may require just 300 guests. It is also important to speak to the hotel’s wedding coordinator in person so that you can get a sense of his/her professionalism. Ideally you should find someone who has been in the industry for a number of years, and is willing to answer your questions patiently.

Out of all the hotel ballrooms we visited, below are our eight favourites arranged in alphabetical order. Ultimate we went with the John Jacob Ballroom at The St. Regis Singapore.

1. Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Four Seasons Wedding Brochure

The Four Seasons Ballroom was one of our favourite ballrooms due to its intimate and elegant design. The pillarless ballroom is lined with floor-to-ceiling arch windows which offers views of the foliage outside. There is a maximum seating of 32 tables.

We were particular impressed by the service of Sylvia, who assisted us during the ballroom site visit. She was extremely nice and professional, and answered all our questions patiently.

Email: rosmi.amin@fourseasons.com

2. Grand Hyatt Singapore

The newly renovated Grand Hyatt Grand Ballroom has high ceilings (6 metres)and a stylish modern interior design. We considered this ballroom as it has a paranomic projector screen which would be ideal for playing our wedding videos. The ballroom seats up to 70 tables. However, the banquet price was quite expensive and so we dropped it from our list.

Email: weddings.sg@hyatt.com

3. InterContinental Singapore

InterContinental Singapore Wedding BrochureThe Bugis Grand Ballroom at InterContinental Singapore definitely surpassed our expectations. As we entered the pillar-less ballroom, we were greeted by a classy design with magnificent crystal chandeliers lining the ceiling centre. We imagine that this would definitely be the ideal ballroom for a dreamy wedding. The ballroom seats up to 40 tables.

Email: sinhb.weddings@ihg.com

4. Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Oriental BallroomMandarin Oriental Singapore Wedding BrochureYou can’t go wrong with getting married at the Oriental Ballroom in Mandarin Oriental Singapore. The pillarless, fan-shaped ballroom boasts stunning chandeliers and luxurious handmade fabrics. We attended a few other weddings here previously and the food was top-notch too. Highly recommended! The maximum capacity is 40 tables. We liaised with Alina (assistant director of event management) who replied all our emails very promptly. She was also extremely professional and helpful during our site visit.

Email: sophiac@mohg.com

5. Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel Wedding BrochureThe Grand Ballroom at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is intimately designed with two large projector screens on either side of the main stage. The grand ballroom holds a maximum of 55 tables.

Stella assisted us during our site visit and she was patient, courteous and earnest. We highly recommend her as your wedding coordinator if you choose to wed at the Marriott.

Email: denise.loo@marriotthotels.com

6. The St. Regis Singapore

John Jacob BallroomThe St Regis Singapore Wedding BrochureAfter numerous site visits, we finally found our dream ballroom at The St. Regis Singapore. The John Jacob Ballroom exudes stately charm and sophisticated splendor like no other! It is kitted out with luxurious carpet, magnificent floor-to-ceiling mirrors, warm-tone furnishings and a grand center stage. The ballroom ceiling of cathedral proportion features two skylights which further enhances its sense of grandeur. The ballroom holds a maximum of 42 tables.

Our decision was made once we stepped into the ballroom. The beautiful design simply took our breath away! Our wedding coordinator was Christine, who was very professional and helpful throughout our entire wedding journey with Regis. It is no wonder that St. Regis Singapore remains as one of the most sought after hotel venues for weddings in Singapore.

Email: Christine.Wang@stregis.com

7. The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore Wedding BrochureThe Grand Ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton is definitely one of the best ballrooms in Singapore. It has a huge size of 1,090 square metres and can hold up to 74 tables. The ballroom is elegantly designed and is the perfect location for a dream wedding.

However, we only had 25 tables of guests which would look too sparse in the large ballroom. Therefore, we had to leave this ballroom out of our consideration. For couples with large number of guests, we highly recommend this venue. The day-lit cocktail reception area is extremely spacious too and even has an al fresco area. Celeste assisted us during our site visit and she was extremely helpful and nice.

Email: Celeste.Teo@ritzcarlton.com

8. The Westin Singapore

The Westin Singapore Wedding BrochureAnother of our favourite, the Grand Ballroom at The Westin Singapore has a modern chic decor that exudes contemporary splendor. We also liked the day-lit cocktail area which is spacious and perfect for guests to mingle before the wedding. The hotel has a maximum capacity of 30 tables. Sheau Wen assisted us during our site visit and she was very patient and professional.

Email: SheauWen.Lek@starwoodhotels.com

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