Feng Shui Consultation with Master David Tong (CMG Consulting)

For our wedding dates and HDB BTO Feng shui consultation, we engaged the service of Master David Tong from CMG Consulting in Singapore. It was a very pleasant experience working with him and we would definitely recommend him to young couples getting married and moving into their new home.

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1. Wedding Dates Consultation

St Regis Wedding Suite 1

Initial Arrangements
I contacted Master David Tong via email to arrange for a wedding dates consultation and he replied promptly within one day. In the long and detailed email, he provided us with some useful information regarding wedding dates. He also asked for details such as our birthdays, zodiac signs and preferred wedding dates. It is important to give the correct details because he would need two to three weeks to regenerate the amended dates.

After we provided him with the details, he replied quickly after one day to arrange a meetup for the consultation. Due to his busy schedule, he could only meet us about 1.5 months later, which was fine for us since our wedding was still quite some time away.

During the meetup, Master David Tong was very friendly and professional. He is an approachable person who speaks both English and Chinese fluently, so it was very easy to communicate with him. He gave us a detailed report which included a list of auspicious wedding dates and specific timings for fetching the bride and ROM. He then took a short while to run through the report and answer our questions.

He also provided us with a Chinese Wedding Customs Guide which consisted of nine full pages of information on Betrothal Gift Exchange (Guo Da Li), Setting up of Bridal Bed (An Chuang), Hair Combing Ceremony, and Actual Day Wedding Rituals (Tea Ceremony, Fetching the Bride, etc). This useful guide was extremely detailed and we constantly referred to it for all our wedding procedures.

After the meetup, Master David Tong sent us an email within a day to thank us for engaging him. He even provided us with a useful list of wedding templates for the wedding day itinerary, seating arrangements, guest lists, emcee script and wedding songs! We were definitely impressed by his good service.

Guo Da Li and An Chuang Dates
About four months before our wedding, we emailed Master David Tong to request for our Guo Da Li (GDL) and An Chuang dates. This was included in the consultation fee. Again, he replied promptly within just one day with detailed reports for our GDL and An Chuang dates.

2. HDB BTO Feng Shui Consultation


Initial Arrangements
Because we had such a pleasant experience working with Master Tong for our wedding dates, we decided to engage him for our HDB BTO Feng shui planning too. We contacted him via email and he replied promptly asking for our floor plan, occupant details, address, etc.

After we gave him the details, he provided us with a list of auspicious door opening dates and timings. He also provided us with information on the Chinese door opening procedures (rolling of pineapple, sprinkling of rice and salt, etc).

About one month later, Master David Tong came to our new house for the Feng shui planning and consultation. During the half-hour session, he advised us on various Feng shui arrangements for our house. These included hanging of wind chimes, positioning of furniture and kitchen appliances, auspicious colors, procedures for moving in, etc.

Master David Tong also assured us that he would guide us from day one till the end of our renovation. He told us that we can check with him afterwards to see if our ID design meets the Feng shui requirements. He emphasized that this was not a one time job and we were welcomed to email him anytime if we had questions. We were very gratified to hear this!

One day after the consultation, he emailed us a professional six-page report with all the Feng shui details. The report includes auspicious dates for starting renovation and moving in. It is extremely detailed and we will be referring to it for our renovation planning and moving in procedures.


David tong and meWe are very glad to have engaged the service of Master Tong. He is an extremely professional Feng shui practitioner. He replied all our emails very promptly, and his Feng shui reports were all very detailed and useful. He is also a very amiable person who can converse fluently in English and Chinese. Therefore, it was very easy to communicate with him. If you are a young couple like us starting your life journey together, I would definitely recommend the services of Master David Tong.

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