JannPaul Diamonds Review (Jerome and Casey)

Buying an engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, and I wanted to make sure I bought the perfect ring for Raevian. I was lucky enough to find JannPaul, a private diamond retailer who made the whole process of choosing a diamond easy and stress-free for me. And most importantly, I managed to get a proposal ring that Raevian was perfectly happy with!

JannPaul – A Wonderful Private Diamond Retailer in Singapore

Jann Paul ShopBefore I decided to purchase the ring from Jann Paul, Raevian and I visited many other jewelers in Singapore. You can read our reviews of those shops here. This was because even though there were many great reviews and testimonials of JannPaul online, we wanted to consider all our options first before making a decision. After personally visiting all the jewelers, we finally decided on JannPaul because of their top-notch service and excellent-quality diamonds.

JannPaul First Appointment – Diamond Education

JannPaul GIA CertificateJannPaul GIA Certificate
JannPaul Diamond EducationJannPaul Diamond EducationOur first visit was on 3rd Oct 2015 via appointment. We were served by Jerome, one of the more experienced staff in JannPaul. Right from the start, we felt that JannPaul was a cut above (diamond pun intended) the other jewelers we had visited. Instead of trying to close the deal immediately so he could earn a quick buck from commissions, Jerome spent the first appointment conducting a free diamond “education session” for us. We learned about the 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat), how to analyze a diamond quality through the various types of  diamond scopes (ASET scope, Ideal scope, Hearts and Arrow Scope), the GIA and AGS certifications, HCA scores, Cut Proportions, Inclusions, Fluorescence, etc. If you are new to diamonds, all these terms may seem confusing, but they each play an important part in determining the diamond quality. A large “1 Carat” diamond does not necessarily mean it’s a good diamond! There are many other factors to consider.

Having a basic understanding of diamonds will help you to choose an excellent quality diamond. Even if you decide to not buy the diamond from JannPaul, the free education will protect you from unscrupulous diamond retailers who try to sell you low grade diamonds.

The education definitely helped me during the diamond selection process, and made me feel assured that I had bought a high quality diamond.

JannPaul Second Appointment – Shortlisting the Diamonds

JannPaul DiamondsAfter going through a few diamonds, I was still undecided over which diamond to buy. However, Jerome did not pressure me at all and instead encouraged me to think through it carefully before setting up another appointment with him. He also emailed me the scope images and certificates of the respective diamonds to aid with my decision. I spent several nights looking at the certificates and scrutinizing the scope images on my iPhone while lying in bed. I also watched many of the YouTube diamond education videos created by JannPaul.

JannPaul Third Appointment – Finalizing the Diamond and Diamond Setting

JannPaul Diamond SettingsJannPaul Diamond SettingsAfter a long-drawn consideration, I shortlisted a few diamonds and went down to JannPaul again for my second appointment. This time, the appointment took even longer because we wanted to choose the appropriate carat size for Raevian’s ring finger.

“Na.. that’s too big”

“That’s too small?”

“That’s a good size, but let’s try the previous one again just for comparison..”

And so this went on for about an hour, before we finally chose our diamond.

But this was not the end. We now had to decide on the diamond setting. JannPaul is able to design customized settings, but Raevian already had a rough idea of the setting she wanted after going through the photos on JannPaul’s Facebook page.

After going through dozens of similar diamond settings for about an hour, we finally decided on the design. Throughout the whole session, we did not feel pressured to hurry our decision at all. We placed a small deposit for the diamond and left the shop feeling tired but happy.

JannPaul Fourth Appointment – Clarifying My Doubts

JannPaul DiamondsJannPaul DiamondsJannPaul CaseyHowever, after going home, I started having doubts and questions about the diamond. And so I sent out an anxious email with my list of concerns:

“Why are there some inclusions in the scope image? Is the diamond eye-clean?”

“Why does the diamond look dull? Is it due to the color? Should I get an “E” grade instead?” (Jerome later explained to me that this was due to lighting conditions and the quality of my phone camera.)

“Will my main diamond look dull compared to the side diamonds?”

“Why do the side diamonds on the sample setting in your shop look dull? Will my actual setting look dull too?”

“Can you send me quotes and specifications for other similar diamonds for me to do a comparison?”

Etc etc..

I will spare you the details but in a nutshell, I was perhaps being a little over-paranoid. But Jerome and Casey still replied all my questions patiently and professionally over email. Casey helped to reply a few emails because Jerome had gone for a short business trip. All their replies were very prompt.

And so I went down to JannPaul for a fourth time just to clarify my doubts. I was served by Casey this time and he patiently allayed all my concerns. I was worried that my “G color” diamond would look yellowish, so he patiently compared my diamond with another diamond of same specifications but with “D color” instead. He showed me how the diamonds looked under different types of lighting (LED vs Fluorescent), and even allowed me to take the diamonds out of the shop so that I could compare them under natural sunlight. In the end I decided that the slight difference between “G” and “D” wasn’t enough to justify the price difference, so I decided to stick with the G colour.

We spent a while addressing my other concerns, and finally I left the shop assured of my purchase.

JannPaul Complimentary Services

JannPaul Ring SizeJannPaul provides free laser engraving, free ring resizing, and free replating/repolishing of the ring.

JannPaul Excellent Service

JannPaul Evan and JeromeMe and Jerome

JannPaul Casey and EvanMe and Casey

To be honest, I was blown away by the excellent service provided by Jerome and Casey. Throughout the whole process, they were extremely professional and patient, both in person and over email.

The crafting took less than a month. When I went down alone to collect my ring and pay the remaining amount, both Casey and Jerome shook my hand firmly and wished me luck with the proposal. Talk about sincere service!

My JannPaul Diamond Ring

Jann Paul 0.75ct Diamond RingAnd this is the engagement ring I bought =) The diamond specifications are: Super Ideal 0.75ct G VS2, with side melee diamonds.

Thank you JannPaul

Jann Paul SingaporeThanks to Jerome and Casey, I felt assured that I had bought the perfect engagement ring for Raevian. I couldn’t be more grateful for their wonderful assistance. It was the perfect start to my wedding journey =)

This is part of a series of articles where I share about my wedding preparations leading up to the Big Day. Check it out: Evan and Raevian’s Wedding Journey

JannPaul Diamonds
Address: 545 Orchard Road #01-23, Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882
Opening Hours: |Mon to Sat: 9.30am to 7.30pm | Sun: 9.30am to 6.30pm |
Phone Number: +65 6733 2925
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JannPaulDiamonds
Blog: http://jannpaul-diamonds-paul.blogspot.sg
Website: www.jannpaul.com

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  1. Iris says:

    Hi! Came across your blog while googling about Jann Paul. May I know how much did your customized ring cost? Sorry for this question as I would like to get a rough idea of the price. Thanks

    • Evan says:

      Hi Iris,

      You can just contact Jerome or Casey directly. They are very honest and transparent with their pricing 🙂

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