5 Wedding Solemnizers in Singapore to Consider for Your Wedding

This is a list of wedding solemnizers based on research during our wedding preparation! It is arranged in alphabetical order. It is important to contact your preferred wedding solemnizer early (at least six months in advance) because their schedules are usually extremely packed. We went with Mr Francis Ng Chin Fah as our Justice of Peace (JP) and he was wonderful!

1. Mr Chiang Heng Liang

Email: hlchiang@singnet.com.sg
Phone: +65 96846260

2. Mr Francis Ng Chin Fah

Our wedding solemnizer! Mr. Francis Ng did a wonderful job on our wedding day. We had no problems during our initial arrangements with him. On our wedding day, he was very punctual. During the solemnization, Evan and I were both quite nervous but luckily Mr Francis Ng made us a lot more relaxed with his light-hearted jokes and humour. We are so glad that we engaged him to be our JP!

Email: francis.ncf@gmail.com
Phone: +65 91000967

3. Dr Kwoh Chee Keong

Email : asckkwoh@ntu.edu.sg
Phone: +65 90371256

4. Dr Phua Tan Tee

Email: phua_tan_tee@nea.gov.sg
Phone: 6753 1028(H) / 6731 9575(O)

5. Mr. Zenon Teh Chin Huak

Email: zenonteh@singnet.com.sg

This is part of a series of articles where I share about my wedding preparations leading up to the Big Day. Check it out: Evan and Raevian’s Wedding Journey

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