The Ultimate Maafushi Travel Guide!

It is not easy to plan a holiday from scratch. Hence, we have created this Ultimate Maafushi Travel Guide for you!

Maafushi is a local island in Maldives that has beautiful beaches, plenty of fun activities, and lots of good food. While it might not be as luxurious as exclusive resort islands, it does provide interesting insights into the local culture. Maafushi is also very accessible; it can be reached in 40 minutes by speedboat from Male Airport.

Evan and I had a short vacation here after our wedding. We understand that it is quite tedious to plan a holiday, therefore we have come up with this guide to make life easier for other people who are planning a trip to Maafushi. This is a guide for travelers, by travelers.

The Ultimate Maafushi Travel Guide

1. Logistics

2. Accommodation

3. Itinerary

4. What to Do in Maafushi

5. What to Eat in Maafushi

6. Amazing Video Travelogue

We hope you find this Maafushi travel guide useful! As usual, feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.

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