Maafushi Floating Bar and Safari – Awesome Place to Chill out!

Many people do not know that Maafushi (Maldives) has a Floating Bar and Safari that is located about three minutes offshore by boat.

The Only Place in Maafushi that Serves Alcohol!

The bar offers Italian fusion food, but the main reason that people come here is because it is the only place in Maafushi that serves alcohol. Islamic law prohibits consumption of alcohol on local islands, therefore the restaurant managed to work around this prohibition by offering alcohol on an offshore boat.

Great Ambience

We went to the Floating Bar at night, and the boat was lighted up with colorful neon lights. We went to the second floor of the boat which was lighted in a similar psychedelic fashion. There were several comfortable lounge chairs around too. I ordered a Tiger Beer (USD 6) and we sat on the boat chatting and relaxing. Using our drone, we found out that there is even a lounge area at the front of the boat! I can imagine how awesome it must be to chill out there with a glass of champagne in hand.

Awesome Entertainment Room!

I walked around the boat and found a cool entertainment room on the first floor equipped with a large television, a karoke system, and a comfy sofa. There were also several DVDs of popular movies.

Getting to the Floating Bar

To get to the floating bar, we asked our hotel to help arrange a small dinghy to bring us over. You can ask your hotel to arrange too, or you can call the Floating Bar’s number which is listed as +960 763 0899 on TripAdvisor.

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