Sunset Fishing in Maafushi (Maldives) – A Surreal Experience

We went to Maafushi in Maldives recently and tried our hands at Sunset Fishing. It was a really fun experience! The trip was booked through our hotel, Velana Beach Hotel, and cost just USD 20.

Spacious Fishing Boat

We went out to sea at around 5pm on a spacious fishing boat with five other people. It was a comfortable ride and we did not feel seasick at all.

My First Fishing Experience!

The boat crew provided us with long fishing lines that were coiled up. At the end of the fishing line was a hook with a sizeable chunk of sliced fish serving as our bait. Following the crew’s instructions, I released the fishing line down about 20 metres into the sea. This was my first attempt at fishing and I was pretty excited. Within minutes, I felt a subtle tug on my line, which eventually became a strong pull and I had to hold on tight to the fishing line.

I had caught the first fish of my life!

I pull up the fishing line enthusiastically and rapidly, ready to admire my catch and to show off my trophy catch to every one on the boat. After a few minutes of pulling, I finally managed to pull up the entire fishing line! But something was wrong.

There was no fish on the hook, but my bait was gone.

Suffice to say, I was disappointed and Raevian had a good time laughing at me. My earlier enthusiasm and gloating (because I had caught a fish faster than her) certainly did not help the case too. I guessed that the fish escaped because of the way I had pull up the line.

Helpful Crew

Therefore, I learnt my lesson and whenever I felt a tug on my fishing line later, I would ask the fishing crew to help with pulling up the fish. True enough, they were experts and managed to help me catch quite a few fishes! Even though it was the crew who helped me to pull up and unhook the fish, I liked to think that it was me who had managed to bait them in the first place using my superior fishing technique.

Sumptuous Seafood Feast!

The best part was that the hotel actually prepared a sumptuous seafood feast with our catch after we returned to the hotel. It was done Maldivian style with spices and curry, and tasted awesome. The dishes were laid out nicely in a pretty table setting in the hotel garden. The fish tasted ABSOLUTELY fresh and delicious! And it felt really nice to dine al fresco in the airy garden under a sky full of twinkling stars.


Photo taken from fishing boat

On the whole it was a fun experience to fish amidst the orange glow of the setting sun. We highly recommend Sunset Line Fishing to anyone who enjoys a mini-adventure on the sea and doesn’t mind getting their hands a little dirty. You can book your trip when you are in Maafushi through your hotel or via iCom Tours (their office is located near the jetty).

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