Amari Watergate Bangkok Breeze Spa Review

Our recent getaway during Chinese New Year was to Bangkok and we stayed at the conveniently located five-star hotel: Amari Watergate Bangkok. We love the location because many popular shopping malls and restaurants are all within walking distances!

After a massive shopping and food session over the few days, we thought we should also indulge in a good massage and spa session. Yes, there’s lots of massage parlors along the streets but we decided to try the renowned wellness centre that is situated right in our hotel – Breeze Spa. The spa is recently launched with all-new concepts and treatments.

Breeze Spa – Wonderful Service

Amari Watergate Bangkok Breeze SpaReceptionComfortable Sofa in Waiting AreaWelcome DrinkShelf with spa productshealth questionnaireMade reservation for a pampering session and off we went. Located on level eight of the hotel, Breeze Spa is situated right beside the swimming pool. Once we stepped into Breeze Spa, the spa manager greeted us warmly and brought us to take a seat.  The friendly spa staff also served us welcome drinks and wet towels to freshen up. First impression was definitely good!

We were given a “Prepare to feel good” consultation card to fill up and the purpose of it is to allow the therapist to better understand how we feel at this moment, how we would like to feel after the treatment, and of course any special health conditions.

Breeze Spa – A Relaxed Atmosphere

Various Massage OilsThe atmosphere was perfect. The colours used for the interior design was soothing, comfy and set us in the right mood for a pampering experience. What I love about Breeze Spa is that they have a wide variety of treatments that are crafted to match everyone’s moods. There are five signature mood massages to choose from – Dreamy, Serene, Rejuvenated, Invigorated and Energized and we went for Rejuvenated!

Breeze Spa – “Rejuvenated” Treatment

Amari Watergate Bangkok Breeze Spa Treatment RoomAfter our consultation, we were brought to the couple treatment rooms to change into the spa attire. They have 6 treatment rooms with a total of 9 beds. We were given robes to change into and there were cabinets for us to keep our belongings. First up, they started by cleaning our tired feet. As I wanted to feel Rejuvenated after my treatment, they used massage oil that are scented with Sandalwood, Geranium, Rose and Chamomile. Super love this treatment because they made use of lymphatic drainage massage technique with the combination of essential oils to remove unwanted toxins built up from stress and a hectic lifestyle – which is what I really need for a recharge!

massage saltsAmari Watergate Bangkok Breeze Spa Scrub TreatmentWe also did the Honey Oatmeal Scrub as our skins were really dry after coming back from New York one month ago. When Almond Milk Honey Body Scrub meets Oat Honey Cookie Body Mask, you can already imagine how grateful my skin would be for the treatment that’s loaded with vitamins and natural botanical nutrients. Almond Milk Honey Body Scrub is great for cleansing, softening and moisturizing. The therapist began by spreading smooth almond milk over my body, followed by crushed almond and rice to exfoliate off dead skin and get a silky smooth moisturized skin.

Breeze Spa – A Luxurious and Pampering Session!

Raevian looking rejuvenated after spaPost spa teaAfter our luxurious session at Breeze Spa, we were served tea and macaroons before proceeding back to our room. We were very satisfied with the treatments and their service quality. If you are in looking for a luxurious and pampering spa treatment, Breeze Spa has got to be your choice.

For more information about Breeze Spa promotion and treatments, you can refer to

Breeze Spa @ Amari Watergate Bangkok
Address: 847 Petchburi Road Bangkok 10400
Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 10pm
Phone Number: +66 (0) 2653 9000 #394
Breeze Spa Website:
Hotel Website:

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