Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot @ Boat Quay

Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot is another steamboat restaurant in Singapore that is challenging Hai Di Lao in terms of offering quality Sichuan hotpot. It is located conveniently at Boat Quay along Singapore River and offers sumptuous Chinese steamboat at an affordable price point.

Ru Yi Traditional Steamboat

Ambience and Service
Ru Yi Traditional Steamboat InteriorWe went to Ru Yi Hotpot on a Saturday night without making reservations, and had to wait for about 30 minutes before getting a table. Therefore, please remember to make reservations in advance if you do not want to wait for so long!

Service was decent but a little slow. The restaurant seemed understaffed but the Chinese staff were generally courteous and friendly.

We were seated indoors (air-conditioned) but Ru Yi Hotpot offers balcony seating too, where you can indulge in hotpot and enjoy the scenic view of Singapore River at the same time. There are fans provided; an important necessity in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Quality Ingredients!
Ru Yi Traditional SteamboatRu Yi Traditional Steamboat Soup BaseRu Yi Traditional Steamboat Pork BellyRu Yi Traditional Steamboat Prawn PasteRu Yi Traditional Steamboat CondimentIt took a while to get the staff’s attention to take our orders, but once we placed our orders, the food items came quickly.

We ordered the “yuan yang” spicy and herbal soup base ($12). There are lots of herbs and other good stuff inside the herbal soup, which gave it a alluring fragrance and sweet taste. The spicy soup base, on the other hand, was spicy with a nose-searing fragrance distinctive of Szechuan cuisine flair. Shiok la! You might want to ask the staff to remove some of the chilli oil from the spicy soup base if you can’t take overly spicy food. On the whole, both soup bases complimented the ingredients nicely.

Ru Yi Hotpot offers quality ingredients that tasted fresh and delicious. We ordered the Sliced Pork ($10), Japan Black Pork ($15), Mushroom Set ($8), Mashed Shrimps Wah (aka shrimp paste, $12), and Crabsticks ($6). While these may not be spectacular or expensive ingredients, they were ideal items for Chinese hotpot and went perfectly with both soup bases.

We spent about $35 per person, which is a relatively affordable price compared to other Chinese hotpot restaurants in Singapore.

Quality Chinese Hotpot at an Affordable Price!
Ru Yi Traditional SteamboatRu Yi Traditional Hotpot offers quality Chinese steamboat at an affordable price. Even though the quality of the ingredients and service level may not be as top-notch as HDL’s, it is still definitely a close competitor. And the price is significantly more wallet-friendly compared to HDL. Be sure to check out this hotpot joint at Boat Quay soon!

Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot

Address: 68 Boat Quay Singapore 049856 (a short walk from Raffles Place or Clarke Quay MRT)
Phone Number: +65 6536 8058

Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot Menu (Click on pictures to enlarge)Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot Menu 1Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot Menu 2Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot Menu 3Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot Menu 4Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot Menu 5Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot Menu 6

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