Cocorica Plus – Delicious Coffee and Yogurt Drinks at Tanjong Pagar Centre! (CLOSED)

As I walked around the numerous eateries at Tanjong Pagar Centre one day, I noticed that many office workers were carrying drinks in huge green cup holders, with the logo Cocorica printed on them. The drinks looked like one litre each. These people must be really thirsty – I thought to myself.

Specialty Coffee and Yogurt Drinks!

Cocorica Plus Singapore MenuCocorica Menu. Click to enlarge

I was curious to find out more about this drink and so I made my way to the stall after checking out the Tanjong Pagar Centre directory board. Cocorica Plus is located at a quiet corner of basement two, but its bright logo can easily be seen from far. It offers specialty coffee, dark chocolate, milk tea, blended coffee, yogurt drinks, as well as yogurt smoothies. It has another branch at NEX mall in Serangoon too.

Cocorica ($3.80)

After looking through the menu, I ordered the 32oz Cocorica ($3.80), which was huge! 32oz is about 1 litre, and I wondered if I would be able to finish the drink. This concoction of chocolate and coffee had a nice sweet chocolate flavour which combined nicely with the rich coffee aroma to produce a delightful treat. To my surprise, I didn’t take very long to finish drinking the entire cup. This was because there were quite a bit of crushed ice in the drink.

Dark Chocolate ($3.80)

I went back on another day to try the Dark Chocolate ($3.80); yes I do have a sweet tooth. This was a pleasant drink as well, with a delicate sweetness that romanced my taste buds and left me wanting more.


And so now I am one of the office workers holding large green cup holders at Tanjong Pagar Centre too. I will definitely return again to check out the yogurt series drinks, though those are only available in the 24oz size. The drinks at Cocorica Plus will definitely appeal to the sugar-lovers. While it is not the best I’ve tried before, it is definitely a satisfying post-lunch drink.

Cocorica Plus @ Tanjong Pagar Centre
Address: 7 Wallich Street #B2-24 Tanjong Pagar Centre 078884
Phone Number: +65 9171 1114

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