12 Awesome Eateries at Tanjong Pagar Centre!

The F&B space at Tanjong Pagar Centre is now officially open! When I visited, I was spoilt for choice on what to eat as there are literally dozens of eateries from Basement 2 to Level 1 of the tower.

I was curious to find out what’s the big deal about Tanjong Pagar Centre and did some research online. And so I found that this is a 64-storey “vertical city” that comprises an office tower, a luxury residence, an atas hotel, six levels of retail/F&B space, and even a park! Incidentally, it is also the tallest building in Singapore. This is definitely the coolest place of the moment in CBD.

Below is a list of interesting eateries in Tanjong Pagar Centre that offers delicious food, arranged in alphabetical order.

1. Chalong

This was one of the first joints I visited in Tanjong Pagar Centre and I was blown away by its delicious food! Chalong specializes in charcoal grilled meats that are cooked in the acclaimed Josper Charcoal Oven, and smoked with apple wood to give it more depth and flavour. I ordered the signature 18 HR Sous Vide Jowl ($12), which consists of smoked pork cheeks marinated Thai style. It was served with premium Yamagata Haenuki rice and came with a mi-cuit (roughly translated as half-cooked) egg. The modest presentation of the dish definitely belied its awesome taste! I never imagined that a simple dish of pork cheeks with rice could taste so good. The succulent meat was cooked to perfection, with a smooth texture and alluring smoky flavour that left me craving for more after the first bite. The staff were very nice and friendly too. Chalong is definitely a must-try in Tanjong Pagar Centre!

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/chalongsg
Website: www.chalongsg.com
Address: 7 Wallich Street #B2-21 Tanjong Pagar Centre 078884
Opening Hours: | Mon to Fri 11.30am – 2pm, 5.30pm – 7.30pm | Sat 12pm – 3pm |
Email: askchalong@gmail.com

2. Cocorica (Closed)

Cocorica is a drink stall that offers a range of blended coffee/milk tea/chocolate as well as “fruit yogurt” drinks.  A quick search online suggests that the brand originated from Malaysia.

I ordered the 32oz Cocorica ($3.80) which was enormous (32oz is about 1 litre)! I enjoyed this blended concoction of Chocolate and Coffee; the sweet chocolate taste combined nicely with the coffee aroma to form a nice harmony of flavours. This is a sweet sinful drink which will appeal to sugar-lovers.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/CocoricaPlusSingapore
Address: 7 Wallich Street #B2-24 Tanjong Pagar Centre 078884
Phone Number: +65 9171 1114


Are you craving for Nasi Lemak? Well, CRAVE is now here to satisfy that crave-ing! (hur hur) This franchise brings together the popular Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak from Adam Road Food Centre and Rafee’s Corner teh tarik originally from Amoy Street Food Centre. It has expanded rapidly with almost a dozen branches now in Singapore.

I ordered Set C – Full House ($5.90) which consisted of a juicy chicken wing, egg, the tantalizing sambal chilli, and of course the aromatic basmati rice. I also added two pieces of otah ($2). The dish definitely passed muster, and I especially enjoyed the chicken wing which was tender and juicy with delicious crispy skin. The gutsy otah had a spicy and flavourful taste too. When I went during lunch hour the queue was quite long, so do take note to go early!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CRAVEnasilemak
Website: http://crave.com.sg
Address: 7 Wallich Street #B2-26 Tanjong Pagar Centre 078884
Operating Hours: | Mon to Fri 9am to 10pm | Sat & Sun 9am to 4pm |
Phone Number: +65 6385 4272

4. Food Anatomy

This is definitely one of my favourite eateries in Tanjong Pagar Centre! Food Anatomy offers a menu of twelve delicious dishes that are shaped into small and adorable cube-shaped portions. This was culinary aesthetics at its best; not only did the food taste awesome, the presentation was fantastic too! I highly recommend that you order three dishes here. This is because the founders of Food Anatomy intentionally designed each meal to consist of three modular dishes, so that you can sample a wide variety of dishes with your friends.

And so I ordered the Nasi Lemak, the Hainanese Chicken Rice, and the Teriyaki Chicken. Each dish costs just $2.50, which is extremely affordable considering that you are savouring exquisite Design Food. The Nasi Lemak dish was beautifully constructed with egg, coconut rice, otah, and topped off with adorable toppings of chili and ikan bilis. As I took my first bite, I was blown away by its delicious taste. Despite looking like a piece of art, it tasted like real nasi lemak, with an aromatic and savoury flavour that had me hooked from the first bite. I LOVED it! The two other dishes were also a feast for both my eyes and palate, and I finished all three cubes of food in a short span of time. I left the bistro a happy and satisfied customer.

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Food Anatomy
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Foodanatomy.sg
Website: www.foodanatomy.sg
Address: 7 Wallich Street #B2-04 Tanjong Pagar Centre 078884
Opening Hours: | Mon to Fri 7.30am – 10pm | Sat & Sun 11am – 10pm |

5. Guzman Y Gomez

Burrito BowlAfter visiting Guzman Y Gomez, I am now a fan of Mexican Food! This vibrant joint offers delicious Mexican food in a convivial atmosphere with vivacious staff and loud Latin music.

I hadn’t really tried Mexican food before, and decided to play it safe by ordering a simple Burrito Bowl with Spicy Grilled Chicken ($10.90). I spooned a hearty heap of rice, tortilla chips, tomatoes, cilantro, spicy chicken chunks, black beans, shredded/melted cheese and salsa into my mouth – and it was delicious! The varied ingredients were fresh, savoury and tangy at the same time, forming a flavourful party in my mouth. My only regret was not adding the sour cream and guacamole toppings. With its delicious Mexican food, energetic staff and great ambience, this is definitely a good place to chill out with friends/ colleagues.

Guzman Y Gomez
Facebook: www.facebook.com/guzmanygomezsingapore
Website: www.gyg.com.sg
Address: 7 Wallich Street #B2-14 Tanjong Pagar Centre 078884
Operating Hours: Daily 10.30am to 9pm
Phone Number: +65 6386 7431 / +65 8218 8618
Email: tpc@gyg.com.sg

6. IndoChili

If you are looking to indulge in flavourful and spicy Indonesian cuisine, check out IndoChili. This Tanjong Pagar branch is the franchise’s second outlet in Singapore, with the first being at Zion Road.

I decided to try the Tumpeng Mini ($11.80), which is essentially a fragrant yellow rice set meal served with ayam bumbu rajak (chicken with spicy sauce), perkedel (fried potato patty), potato peanut, and pickles. The dish had a nice presentation, with the ingredients arranged nicely around the impressive cone-shaped yellow rice. It tasted delicious, with a gutsy and spicy fragrance distinctive of Indonesian cuisine flair. However, service was quite inconsistent; some of the staff were a little rude. But on the whole it was an enjoyable meal.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/IndoChili
Website: www.indochili.com
Address: 7 Wallich Street #B1-03 Tanjong Pagar Centre 078884
Operating Hours: Daily 11.30am to 10pm
Phone Number: +65 6386 6427

7. Japan Rail Cafe

When I first heard about the Japan Rail Cafe, I found it a little strange that a cafe would sell both Japanese food and rail tickets. However, I am now a fan after visiting the bistro!

One dish that captured my heart was the Kaisen Avocado Don ($18), a refreshing rice bowl comprising sumptuous toppings of salmon sashimi, fish roe, savoury scallops, fresh avocados and cucumbers. I simply loved it! The succulent scallops combined with the refreshing avocado and tangy fish roe to produce a wonderful blend of flavours which tasted heavenly!

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Japan Rail Cafe
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JAPANRAILCAFE
Address: 5 Wallich Street #01-20 Tanjong Pagar Centre 078883
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 8pm
Website: www.japanrailcafe.com.sg

8. Jewel

Jewel is famous for its excellent artisan coffee, and fans of this popular homegrown brand will attest to the high quality coffee here. Aside from coffee, the cafe and bar also offers a diverse menu of breakfast and lunch options. I enjoyed my Flat White that perked me up for the morning.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JewelCafeAndBar
Address: 7 Wallich Street #B1-06 Tanjong Pagar Centre 078884
Phone Number: +65 6209 3474

9. Makai Poke

Yes, another poke bowl joint has opened in Singapore! Makai Poke is the latest eatery to offer the delicious and healthy poke bowl which originated from Hawaii.

For my poke bowl ($9.90), I went with the Trio Rice Mix (a mix of sushi, red, and brown rice) and the Spicy Salmon. I enjoyed the spicy salmon which tasted very fresh and savoury with a shiok spicy flavour. It was complimented perfectly by the warm and chewy rice.

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Makai Poke
Facebook: www.facebook.com/makaipokesg
Address: 7 Wallich Street #B1-08 Tanjong Pagar Centre 078884
Phone Number: +65 6386 9313

10. Souperstar

Souperstar is an interesting bistro that offers fusion food combining elements of local, Asian, Chinese, and Western cuisines. Souperstar is the brainchild of the second family generation behind Fortune Food – the company known for its signature popiahs. Fortune Food has been around for over 10 years and operates over 10 hawker stalls in Singapore.

I went with the set meal that comprised of Souperstar’s signature Popiah (spring roll) and Soup of Choice – I chose the Boston Clam Chowder. This set was quite value-for-money as it cost just $6.50. The popiah came in a nice nifty wrapping. I quickly unwrapped it and took a bite. The popiah skin is touted on its website to be freshly handmade, and I could indeed taste the freshness of the wrap. The skin had a really smooth texture with just the right amount of bite. The fillings were very fresh and savoury too. The Boston Clam Chowder was delicious and served as a nice compliment to the popiah – it was interesting to savour both ang moh and Chinese food at the same time.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SouperstarSG
Website: www.souperstar.com.sg
Address: 7 Wallich Street #B2-31 Tanjong Pagar Centre 078884
Opening Hours: | Mon to Fri 8am – 10pm | Sat 8am – 8.30pm |
Phone Number: +65 6386 6921
Email: info@souperstar.com.sg

11. The Daily Cut

Fans of The Daily Cut working in Tanjong Pagar will be ecstatic to know that this salad shop now has a branch at Tanjong Pagar Centre as well. The Daily Cut specializes in healthy and awesome-tasting protein salads. It has two other branches at Fusionopolis and One Raffles Place.

Each salad comprises your selections of protein, carb, supplement, topping, and dressing. Some of my favourites are the Chicken Thigh (protein), Brown Rice (carb), Sous Vide Egg (supplement, highly recommended!), Quinoa (supplement) and Pesto Vinaigrette (sauce). You can check out the entire menu on its website below. Thanks The Daily Cut, for showing me that healthy food can taste delicious too!

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The Daily Cut
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thedailycut.sg
Website: http://thedailycut.sg
Address: 7 Wallich Street #B2-16 Tanjong Pagar Centre 078884po
Opening Hours: | Mon to Fri 11am – 8.30pm | Sat, Sun & PH 11am – 3.30pm |
Phone Number: +65 6386 6160
Email: info@thedailycut.sg

12. The Little Island (小槟岛) – Closed

This is probably our favourite hidden gem in Tanjong Pagar Centre. The Little Island (小槟岛) offers delicious and authentic Penang-style food in a comfortable vintage setting. I loved the Assam Laksa ($8.90), which had a dangerously addictive tangy and spicy soup that will appeal to the spicy food lovers. Along with the thick laksa noodles and delicious fresh Mackerel bits, this was a gutsy dish which I enjoyed very much.

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