Chalong @ Tanjong Pagar Centre – AWESOME Charcoal Grilled Meat Bowls!

When I first tried Chalong’s charcoal grilled meat bowl at Tanjong Pagar Centre, I was blown away by how delicious it tasted. This is definitely one of my favourite eateries in Singapore!

Chalong specializes in awesome charcoal grilled meats that are cooked in the acclaimed Josper Charcoal Oven, and smoked with apple wood to give it more depth and flavour. The chef also uses the Sous vide cooking technique, where food is cooked at a controlled temperature under vacuum in a hot water bath. The control of heat allows consistency in temperature of the cooked meats, ensuring premium quality every time.

I did some online research and found out that Chalong is helmed by Ms. Elin Boh, a talented chef who holds culinary grand diplomas from acclaimed cuisine schools in France. No wonder the cooking methods are so sophisticated and atas!

18 HR Sous Vide Jowl ($12)

On my first visit, I tried the 18 HR Sous Vide Jowl ($12). This tantalizing dish consists of smoked pork cheeks marinated Thai style, served with premium Yamagata Haenuki rice and topped with a mi-cuit (half-cooked) egg. I added the White Button Mushroom ($1.50) topping. The presentation of the dish was modest, but it tasted AWESOME. The succulent pork cheeks were cooked to perfection; it had a great texture and enticing smoky flavour that left me so very satisfied.

Thai Basil Grilled Chicken ($9)

After my first visit, I knew I HAD to go back a second time to check out the other dishes. This time round, I ordered the Thai Basil Grilled Chicken ($9), which is Thai basil marinated chicken thigh served with Yamagata Haenuki rice and a mi-cuit egg. I added the Cherry Tomato on Vine ($1) topping. I was having high expectations due to my great experience the first time round; and I was not disappointed. The savoury chicken thigh had a really smooth texture with just the right amount of bite. Along with the rice, egg, and cherry tomatoes, this was a wonderful treat which I enjoyed very much.


Chalong is one awesome joint that I highly recommend. The charcoal grilled meat bowls were delicious and the friendly staff left a good impression too. I will definitely be making my way back again soon!

Address: 7 Wallich Street #B2-21 Tanjong Pagar Centre 078884
Opening Hours: | Mon to Fri 11.30am – 2pm, 5.30pm – 7.30pm | Sat 12pm – 3pm |

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