12 Most Scenic Spots in Singapore that are Hotspots for Pokémon Go Gyms and PokéStops!

Below is a list of 12 scenic spots in Singapore that are also hotspots for Pokemon Go Gyms and Pokestops. This list of places was derived from the virtual map in another mobile game called Ingress. Within the Ingress map, many landmarks in Singapore are marked as “portals”. Many of these portals overlap with the PokéStops and Pokemon Go gyms because both games were created by the same developer: Niantic. Based on the Ingress map, the below beautiful places in Singapore have a very high density of PokéStops and gyms.

Therefore, remember to admire the beautiful scenery too while you are busy catching Pokemons at these places!

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1. Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is an aviary attraction located on the side of Jurong Hill. Based on the Ingress map, the Pokemon Go gyms and pokestops should be distributed evenly throughout the park.

2. Japanese Garden / Chinese Garden

Japanese Garden and Chinese Garden are two tranquil parks located near Chinese Garden MRT Station. The gardens are connected to each other by a beautiful traditional arch bridge called the Bridge of Double Beauty. According to the Ingress map, Chinese Garden should have a relatively higher number of Pokestops and gyms than Japanese Garden.

3. Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo occupies 28 hectares of land along Upper Seletar Reservoir and houses over 2,800 animals from more than 300 species. Expect to find pokestops scattered throughout the zoo compound.

4. East Coast Park

Coconut Trees near the seaOver at East Coast Park, you can catch both the sea breeze and Pokemons. The Pokestops should be scattered along the beach as well as in the surrounding housing estates. It would be a good idea to rent a bicycle at the beach and visit all the Pokestops in the area.

5. Gardens by the Bay

SupertreesThe awe-inspiring Gardens by the Bay sits on about 101 hectares of reclaimed land near the Central Business District, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. Not only is this a beautiful garden, it should have an extremely high density of Pokestops and gyms too.

6. Sentosa

Even though it takes some travelling, Sentosa should be a great place to catch Pokemons. The Western part of the island, which houses attractions like Universal Studios, Resorts World, and the Siloso Beach, should have the highest density of Pokestops and gyms.

7. The Southern Ridges

The Southern Ridges is a 9-kilometre trail that runs through various parks in the Southern part of Singapore. Based on the Ingress map, these parks should have the highest number of Pokemon Go Gyms and Pokestops: Labrador Park, Hort Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Kent Ridge Park.

8. Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is famous for its depictions of Chinese folklore’s Ten Courts of Hell. It is located on a hill in Pasir Panjang and is named after the Tiger Balm founders, brothers Boon Par and Boon Haw. Expect to find Pokemons at the many fascinating attractions within the Villa.

9. Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park is located on top of Fort Canning, a small hill just slightly over 60 metres high. This is a historic landmark where the decision to surrender Singapore to the Japanese was made, in a location known as the Battle Box.

10. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Heritage MuseumCatch Pokemons amidst 74 hectares of lush greenery and vivid foliage at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. However, be careful not to fall into the Swan Lake with its resident swans gracefully swimming around.

11. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Located on Singapore’s highest hill, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve occupies 400 acres of land and is home to around 40% of Singapore’s flora and fauna. I have a feeling there might be some rare Pokemons to catch here.

12. MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie Reservoir is the oldest reservoir in Singapore. Jog on the beautiful trails along the tranquil reservoir to discover water Pokemons!

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