Review of The Plaza Hotel Seoul – A Luxury Boutique Hotel

The Plaza Seoul is a luxury boutique hotel in Seoul. It is part of the Marriott brand group. We stayed here during our holiday in Seoul and it was quite a luxurious experience. The hotel is conveniently located at the City Hall metro station. You can click here to see the best prices for The Plaza Seoul.

Artistically Designed Room

Room with flatscreen television
Fluffy Bed
The main reason why we chose to stay at The Plaza was because of its pretty room décor. Our room was designed in an artistic manner with big round mirrors on either side of the room and a large lamp lighting up the room. The bed was large and fluffy with smooth white linens, which ensured that we had a great night’s sleep every night.


Espresso Machine
Rain Shower
bathroom mirror
ToiletriesAt the mini pantry, there was a espresso machine with free coffee shots for the coffee lovers.

The bathroom was clean and well-stocked with clean towels and toiletries. It even had an electric toilet bowl which was pretty cool. Most importantly, it was equipped with the luxurious rain shower which we really enjoyed bathing under.

Great Service!

When we first reached the hotel, the bellboy promptly helped us with our luggage while a hotel manager led us to the check-in counter. After staying at an Airbnb for the past few days where we had to take care of our own needs, it felt nice to enjoy such hotel service. Throughout our stay, we didn’t experience any problems with the overall service at all.

Luxury Boutique Hotel – Worth the Price!

If you are looking to pamper yourself during your stay in Seoul, The Plaza Seoul would definitely be a good idea. This is a luxury boutique hotel with pretty rooms and great service. It will definitely be worth the premium you pay! You can click here to book a room at The Plaza Seoul.

The Plaza Seoul
Address: 119 Sogong-Ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Korea 04525
Phone: +82 2771 2200
Directions: Take the metro to City Hall Station (Line 1 or 2). Go out from Exit 6.

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