Review of our Pretty Airbnb in Seoul (Host: Bread)

During our stay in Seoul, we stayed at a pretty Airbnb near Seoul Station. The host was Bread, a Seoul local who owns many other Airbnb apartments. Ours was apartment number 7. It has four beds and can accommodate up to eight people. This is the review of our Airbnb. You can also click here to redeem a $50 Airbnb discount coupon.

Bread Airbnb Seoul Apartment Number 7

Helpful Host!

Bread was a helpful host who answered all our queries promptly via the Airbnb chat. He was quite adept in English and we didn’t have any communication problems with him. You can check out Bread’s profile and listings. He didn’t stay with us but he provided plenty of helpful information and instructions.

Convenient and Peaceful Location

Restaurant Interior
Korean Stew

The Airbnb is located just three minutes away from Seoul Station by walking. We didn’t really have any trouble finding the apartment because Bread had provided us with detailed directions.

We arrived at the Airbnb at about midnight as we had booked a late flight. Naturally, we were feeling pretty famished and tired. Luckily, Bread had informed us of the nearby restaurants and amenities. There was a Korean stew restaurant just beside our apartment building, which was perfect for the chilly night.

We headed to the restaurant and ordered a steaming Korean pork stew set. It was hot and savoury and simply tasted heavenly; especially for two people who were famished after a long flight.

There was also a convenience store beside our building where we could stock up on toiletries, snacks, drinks, etc.

The famous Lotte Mart is located at Seoul Station, which ensured that we never went hungry at night. This giant supermarket sells a wide variety of things, and we bought a load of snacks to bring back to Singapore.

Staying near Seoul Station is convenient because it is an interchange that links to various other subway and bus lines. It is just two metro stops away from Myeongdong station. Also, since our Airbnb wasn’t located directly in the bustling district of Myeongdong, it was quite peaceful at night and we could sleep properly without any street noises.

Pretty Room with Delicate Attention to Detail

View from second floor
Television Set
Wall Painting and Cushions

But most importantly, the Airbnb had a really pretty interior design. It was cozy and decorated with pastel-coloured furnishings. I could definitely tell that Bread had put in a lot of thought into the décor and details of the place.

This is a duplex apartment with a small staircase leading up to the second level which has more beds. If you are traveling in a big group, this Airbnb would be ideal.

Many Amenities!

Kitchen and Washing MachineThe duplex was well-equipped with a television set, kitchen, free Wi-Fi, heater, air-conditioning, and a washing machine. It felt like a home away from home!

As this was an Airbnb, we didn’t have any daily “room service” so we had to take out our trash every day. However, Bread provided us with plenty of white trash bags along with detailed instructions on how to throw our trash. Basically, we just had to tie the trash bag properly and leave it at a specific location below our building.

We also had to tidy up the room daily to ensure that it didn’t look like a garbage dump after a few days (we are not the neatest people).

One minor problem was that the water in the bathing cubicle took quite a long time to drain off. Other than this, we didn’t have any other problems with the room at all.

A Wonderful Stay

On the whole, we had a great stay at Bread’s “Number 7” Airbnb. The apartment was really pretty and had all the necessary amenities. We didn’t have daily room services like in a hotel, but it was super affordable and we paid far less than an expensive hotel. I would definitely recommend this Airbnb to other Seoul tourists!

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