Gyu Nami – $10 Wagyu Beef Donburi at Amoy Street Food Centre

It seems that every day I am discovering new gems at Amoy Street Food Centre, and Gyu Nami is my latest find.

What is Gyu Nami?

Gyu Nami is a new food stall in Amoy Street Food Centre. The stall sells just one dish: the signature Wagyu Roast Beef Donburi ($10). This is essentially a Japanese rice bowl topped with tantalizing wagyu beef slices. Fun fact: “Gyu” is the Japanese word for beef, while “Nami” means wave.

It was an interesting experience to order from the stall. I observed the customers in front of me and saw that they only had to state two things: the quantity and whether it was “having here” or “take away”.

After queuing for a while, it was my turn to order. I confidently stated my order like an experienced veteran: “Hi. One. Having Here.” The staff nodded and relayed my order to the kitchen staff.

Nailed it.

As the menu only has one dish, the staff didn’t seem flustered at all and seemed to be peacefully focused on their tasks. The Japanese concept of “Mushin” came to mind; this is roughly translated as “no mind”, which is a mental state that trained martial artists are said to enter during combat.

Wagyu Roast Beef Donburi ($10)

Gyu NamiAnd so after around 15 minutes, I finally got my hands on this sumptuous Japanese rice bowl. I eagerly scooped a spoonful of rice, egg, and beef into my gaping mouth. I was sold on the first bite. The rice tasted great with its savoury sauce and tasty onsen egg. I was not disappointed by the Wagyu Beef too, which was really tender and quite juicy. Even though it’s from the eye of round cut with little marbling, it was still quite delicious and satisfying. The yogurt sauce, while a little unconventional, provided a nice sort of balance with its tangy flavour.


The Wagyu Roast Beef Donburi is definitely a dish I didn’t expect to see in a hawker centre, even if it’s the famous Amoy Street Food Centre. This signature dish represents fantastic value at just $10, though it may be too expensive to eat on a daily basis as lunch for office workers (like me). However, I will definitely pay a visit to Gyu Nami whenever I feel like pampering myself during lunch, or when I had a stressful morning at work.

Gyu Nami
Amoy Street Food Centre
7 Maxwell Rd #02-126
Singapore 069111
Opening hours: | Mon to Sat 11am-3pm |

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