The “High Line” in New York City – Worth a Visit!

The High Line NYC is a linear urban park in Manhattan, New York City. It is built on an abandoned elevated railroad track and runs for about 2.3km. This famous park is considered to be an iconic example of urban landscape architecture. As we walked along the line, we saw many hardy plants and also enjoyed scenic views of the city and Hudson River.

History of The High Line NYC

The High Line NYC is an abandoned elevated railroad track that was part of a railroad line used to transport goods within Manhattan. However, due to the growth of the trucking industry, the High Line ceased service in 1980. It was eventually restored in 2009 to become an elevated linear urban park, designed by renowned landscape architects.

Hardy Plants!

As we walked along the line, we saw many hardy plants along the sides. The selection of these plants was inspired by the wild plants that grew on the railway during the decades after it was abandoned. The planting design was carefully planned by architects. As we were visiting in winter, the plants did not look particularly pretty, though it was impressive that they were able to survive so well in the cold weather.

Scenic Views

From the elevated vantage of the High Line NYC, we got to see different views of Manhattan. We also sat on the benches to enjoy the view of the tranquil Hudson River, while resting our tired legs. And of course, we took many pretty photos here as well.

Nearby Attractions

Whitney Museum of American Art

The High Line NYC is conveniently near various famous attractions in Manhattan. We used the line to visit the Whitney Museum of American Art, which we unfortunately couldn’t enter due to the extremely long queue. After that, we made our way along the line to Chelsea Market on 16th Street, which is a food haven with lots of amazing food! We also dropped by Gansevoort Market, which is a food hall too but with less variety of food.

Map of The High Line NYC


Is it worth visiting the High Line NYC? Definitely! This is an interesting urban park that offers beautiful landscape design and scenic views. We did not walk the entire length of the line, but used it to visit nearby attractions like the Chelsea Market and the Whitney Museum of American Art. If you are visiting New York City, I would highly recommend that you check out the High Line too.

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