Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory – Delicious New York City Ice Cream in an Awesome Location

Sometimes, you just want to indulge in delicious, no-nonsense ice cream. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, located near the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, offers you just that.

This ice cream joint sells delectable ice cream in various signature flavours. It is one of the most popular dessert places in Brooklyn. When we visited around noon, there was already a long queue of people waiting outside the shop, despite it being winter! This just goes to show that you do not need bells and whistles to build a thriving food business – you just need plain old good food.


Awesome location

Jane’s Carousel is nearby. It is enclosed in an intricate plexiglass “jewel box” structure.


Juliana’s and Grimaldi’s Pizzeria are both located nearby

Pizza from Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Empire Fulton FerryChilling out at nearby Brooklyn Bridge Park

We love the location of Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. It is located near many parks with awesome views of Brooklyn Bridge, the iconic bridge linking Manhattan and Brooklyn. We took a stroll across the bridge after finishing our ice cream. The beautiful Jane’s Carousel is a few minutes away. This restored wooden carousel was originally built in 1922, and it is housed in an intricate plexiglass “jewel box” structure. Over here you will also find Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and Juliana’s, two pizza joints embroiled in the most famous pizza rivalry in New York City. (We have tried both and personally we prefer Juliana’s.)

Delicious Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate Ice CreamEven though it was cold, we knew we had to try the ice cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory because we had read many rave reviews about it online. It has eight signature flavours, namely Vanilla, Vanilla Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate, Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, Strawberry, Peaches and Cream, Butter Pecan, and Coffee. We ordered one scoop of the Chocolate flavour ($4.50). We chose to eat it in a cup with the cone upside down. I eagerly scooped some ice cream into my gaping mouth – and I was not disappointed! I loved the velvety and creamy texture of the ice cream. It had a good cocoa flavor with delicate sweetness. We finished the ice cream in a hurry.

Premium Chocolate

I did some research and found out that Brooklyn Ice Cream factory creates its very own chocolate using naturally processed cocoa powder and turbinado sugar (sugar made from pure cane sugar extract). It is continuously churned until it becomes velvety smooth. This probably explains why the ice cream had such a natural chocolate taste and wonderful texture.


I am so glad we popped by this ice cream joint in Brooklyn! I felt the chocolate ice cream could have been even richer in flavour, but on the whole it had a very classic delicious taste. And it is situated in a great spot near many beautiful attractions. If you are looking for no-nonsense ice cream in an awesome location, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is definitely the place to go.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
(Note that only cash is accepted here)
Address: The Corners of Old Fulton and Water Street Brooklyn, New York 11201
Phone: 718 246 3963
Opening Hours: Daily 12pm to 10pm

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