10 Essential Travel Accessories to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones!

I love to travel, but I also want to stay safe while enjoying myself. Therefore, I will usually travel with various safety travel products to give myself a peace of mind. Below are 10 travel accessories which I personally find to be very useful. Have fun and stay safe during your holidays!

1. Belt Wallet

This is my favourite safety travel accessory as it is both functional and useful for keeping my money safe. And even better, the Belt Wallet does not contain any metal parts and so it does not set off the detector when I pass through airport security!

2. Waist Wallet

This is a conventional money wallet which I wear around my waist underneath my shirt. It has more storage space than the belt wallet. However, it may look quite obvious under form-fitting clothes. I usually use the Waist Wallet when I’m wearing thicker clothes in cold countries.

3. Leg Wallet

The Leg Wallet wraps around your thigh, allowing you to hide money beneath your pants. This is good for the traveller who wants to keep his money close, literally.

4. Bra Wallet

This may seem a little unconventional, but the Bra Wallet is useful for ladies who want to keep their money really safe. It is basically a small silk pouch that hooks on the bra.

5. Underwear Wallet

If you are carrying a large amount of money or something really important, the Underwear Wallet will let you keep your valuables really close to you. It has zippered compartments where you can keep your cash and cards safe.

6. Personal Alarm

Whenever I travel to places that are not entirely safe, I will always bring along my Personal Alarm. It lets out a piercing 130dB high-pitched tone once I pull out the pin, and only stops when I plug it back. For the ladies especially, this sound will definitely scare off any unsavoury characters.

7. Travel Door Alarm

I usually feel slightly insecure when staying in hotels, as I know that any hotel staff can simply use the master key to enter my room. And it’s worse if the door is not equipped with a door chain. Therefore, to allay my worries, I will usually slide the Travel Door Alarm sensor between the door and doorframe. In the case that the door is opened by any unwelcomed visitor,the alarm will sound off with a high-pitched screeching noise.

8. Door Jammer

The travel door alarm serves to scare off any intruder, but the Door Jammer will literally block any intruder from entering at all. This simple but useful tool fits any hotel door, and is sturdy enough to prevent the door from being opened even if an intruder has the key.

9. Portable Door Lock

For an added sense of security, I will use the Portable Door Lock which is a very simple lock that works with the existing locking mechanism on your door. You can check out this video to see how the portable door lock works.

10. Luggage Lock

Last but definitely not least, I will ALWAYS use a Luggage Lock if I check in my baggage at the airport. This is because the luggage will pass through many hands and it is easy to lose valuables if you do not keep your luggage safely locked up. I only use TSA-approved combination locks, as they can be unlocked and re-locked by airport security personnel during checking of bags. And of course, I will always lock up my luggage when I’m away from the hotel room.

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