Jumbo Grill – Delicious Grilled Food in Little India! (CLOSED)

Everyone loves indulging in sinful barbecued food once in a while, and Jumbo Grill is now here to satisfy that craving. This new bistro along Dunlop Street in Little India (Singapore) specializes in delicious skewered and barbecued foods.

Sausages and Kebabs

Hipster Location

Jumbo Grill is situated in Little India, a neighborhood that is gradually becoming a hip enclave similar to nearby Kampong Glam. On my way to Jumbo Grill, I spotted various hip cafes, lifestyle shops, and backpackers hotels. This is definitely a good place to discover hidden gems.

It was quite convenient to get here too, as the bistro is just a five-minute walk from Exit B of Rochor MRT Station.

Cool Industrial Vibe

Restaurant InteriorJumbo Grill exudes a vibe that is very much in line with the hipster feel of the surrounding neighborhood. The restaurant is lined with neat rows of high tables and metal stools, with industrial-style tungsten bulbs mounted on the walls. At the back of the joint, the restaurant’s old-school logo light board is mounted on a metal sheet wall.

Unique Style of Grilled Food!

Jumbo Grill Logo

Jumbo Grill draws inspirations from grills all over the world, adding its own unique twists to these skewered delicacies to create its own distinctive brand of grilled foods.

I found a wide variety of grilled items on the menu, such as Kebabs, Pork Belly, Meatballs, Bacon, Corn, etc. There are also sausages and barbecued items.

Sausage Fest

I went with a group of people and so I was able to savour a large variety of items. I enjoyed the Italian Pork Cipolata ($6.90 for set of 3), because well, it’s hard to go wrong with sausages. I recommend this as a starter for your grilled food feast.

The Swiss Cheese Pork Sausage ($8.90 for set of 3) was decent too, with the tangy cheese fillings complimenting the savory sausage meat nicely.

Chicken Stuffed Green Chilli

I highly recommend the gutsy Chicken Stuffed Green Chilli ($8 for set of 3), which is Jumbo Grill’s unique invention. In the chef’s words, the chili serves to “infuse the meat with a spicy taste – just a little bit lah”. “Infuse” it did, giving the savoury chicken meat a spicy kick that felt really shiok on my taste buds. This will definitely be a favourite for the spicy-food lovers.

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

The Bacon Wrapped Asparagus ($8.60 for set of 3) is a must-try. This unctuous skewer of bacon was so sinful but tasted delicious enough that I forgot how artery-clogging it was. The asparagus tasted great too; it was grilled to a crisp, giving it a crunchy texture that felt really good in my mouth. Highly-recommended!

jumbo-grill-satay-sauceWe saved the best for last, which was the super delicious grilled lamb and the excellent satay sauce. The lamb was grilled to perfection with just the right amount of bite, and it tasted heavenly with the savoury satay sauce. Jumbo Grill’s chef definitely has a very good sense of flavour!

Unique Style of Grilled Food, Hipster Location, Friendly Service!

Jumbo Grill SingaporeWith its unique style of grilled food, hipster location, and friendly service, Jumbo Grill definitely has the potential to become a favourite among Singaporeans. Be sure to visit this bistro for some awesome grilled food after exploring the hip enclave of Little India!

Jumbo Grill
Address: 42 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209370
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jumbogrillsg
Phone Number: +65 9889 4802
Email: jumbogrillsg@gmail.com
Website: www.jumbogrill.sg

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