How to Travel Around Seoul

It is easy to get around Seoul as it has a very efficient metro system. During our entire trip, we only used the metro to get to the places of attractions. This is because most of the attractions are within walking distance of the metro stations.

The Efficient Metro System

Subway Station

Seoul Subway Map

You can see the English Seoul subway map here. Click here for an interactive subway map. I found this site to be quite handy when I was planning the trip on my computer. This is because I could just input the station name and it would be shown on the interactive map. Considering that the metro system has 18 lines with hundreds of stations, this was a super useful function! The site only works on flash-enabled browsers. For mobile phones, you can download this Seoul metro app for iPhone users. The Android version is available too. This useful app will help you to plan your trips between the numerous stations.

T-Money Card

We used the T-Money stored value card as we felt it was the most suitable for our needs. Below is a breakdown of the various stored value cards for your information:

A. T-Money: This is a stored value card that can be used for the metro, public buses, taxis and convenience stores. After you’re done with the card, the balance can be refunded with a 500 KRW service charge. It can be purchased at convenience stores inside the airport.

B. M-Pass: Also known as a Metropolitan Pass. The card offers 20 bus and metro rides a day for the duration of the pass. The durations are one-day, two-day, three-day, five-day and seven-day. You can check out this site to see the respective M-Pass prices. Like the T-money card, it can also be used on taxis, public buses and convenience stores. The remaining balance can be refunded with a 500 KRW service charge. It can be purchased at the Seoul Tourist Information Centers in front of Gates 5 and 10 on Level One of the airport.

C. Single Journey: This is a one-time-use card that can only be used for the metro. It can be purchased at the vending machines near the All Stop Train gantries.

Map of Seoul

Above is a map of Seoul to give you a better sense of the various districts in Seoul.

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  1. Mickey says:

    Is the T-Money and M-Pass different? I mean do they have different uses for different trains?

    • Raevian says:

      The T-Money card is a stored value card, while the M-Pass offers 20 bus and metro rides a day. You can refer to the article above for more details!

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