Monniker Cafe – Hidden Gem at Balestier Road!

Monniker is a steampunk-inspired cafe located along Balestier Road. It serves a wide variety of food from all-day brunch to pasta to salads, as well as specialty coffee, tea, and alcohol.

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Monniker Brunch Spread


Steampunk-Themed Cafe with Awesome Ambience

Monniker LogoMonniker Cashier CounterMonniker Shelf with Steampunk ElementsMonniker Rustic World Map and PoetryMonniker Interior DesignAs we stepped into Monniker, we were impressed by the super cool interior design. The café is decorated with enigmatic items such as seafaring equipment, a Victorian-era camera, an old-school gramophone, industrial neon light fixtures, flight meters, and other eclectic memorabilia. I realized that the café was modeled after the interior of a steampunk-style airship. Indeed, the metal logo of the café is designed in the shape of an airship. It felt like I was on the set of the Will Smith movie: Wild Wild West.

On the whole, this is an awesome steampunk-themed cafe with fantastic attention to detail and interior design.

While I was busy admiring the pretty café, a friendly staff came over to take our orders. I looked through the menu and decided to go with the Scrambled Eggs and Bacon on Waffles, with Sausages ($19), while Raevian went with the tantalizing sounding Chicken Waffle Stack ($19). We also ordered a cup of hot Valrhona Chocolate ($6.50).


Scrambled Eggs and Bacon on Waffles, with Sausages ($19)

Monniker Scrambled Eggs and Bacon on Waffles with SausagesMonniker Scrambled Eggs and Bacon with SausagesThe food arrived very shortly afterwards. Kudos to Monniker for fast service!

I quickly dug into my dish, the Scrambled Eggs and Bacon on Waffles, with Sausages ($19). The mouthwatering crispy bacon and succulent Mangalican pork (the Kobe beef of pork) sausages were cooked to perfection, and tasted absolutely delicious. And beneath all these savoury goodness, laid a bed of velvety buttery scrambled eggs. On the side were two waffles that were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

I spooned a small heap of honey-glazed waffles, bacon, sausages, and scrambled eggs into my mouth, and the fantastic party of flavours blew me away.

Suffice to say, I simply loved this dish!


Chicken Waffle Stack ($19)

Monniker Chicken Waffle StackMonniker Chicken Waffle Stack Close upBut hey, as the Chinese say, 一山还有一山高. Monniker’s Chicken Waffle Stack ($19) definitely surpassed all our expectations. The succulent fried chicken was sandwiched between two fluffy waffles pieces and topped with a sunny side up fried egg. The chicken was fried to perfection and tasted wonderfully tender, juicy, and savoury. Together with the luscious fried egg and crispy waffles, it formed an awesome harmony of flavours in my mouth that simply tasted heavenly!

On the side, as if to mitigate the sinfulness of this dish, were some salad greens doused with balsamic vinaigrette. This was a nice compliment to balance the oiliness of the main items.

Take note that Monniker only starts serving the Chicken Waffle Stack from 11am.


Valrhona Chocolate ($6.50)

Monniker Valrhona ChocolateLast but definitely not least, we had the hot Valrhona Chocolate ($6.50). I know what you are thinking, and it’s what I was thinking as well: $6.50 for a small cup of hot chocolate?? What the… But a quick Google search reassured me that I was not being short-changed. Valrhona chocolates are premium high-grade chocolates that are usually only used in high-end restaurants. The owner of Monniker must be pretty atas.

The hot chocolate was topped with pieces of sweet marshmallow, chocolate shavings, and small chocolate buttons. We loved how the marshmallow pieces seemed to melt in our mouth with the chocolate drink. The taste of the gourmet hot chocolate was wonderful too: silky and sweet without being cloying; definitely a match for its price and prestige.


Monniker: Too Good to Miss Out on!

Couple at Monniker Cafe Balestier RoadMonniker Brunch Spread with Hand holding Hot ChocolateWith its tantalizingly delicious brunch items, gourmet ingredients, friendly staff and cool steampunk-themed decor, Monniker is simply just too awesome to miss out on. We will definitely be visiting this hidden gem at Balestier Road again soon to check out its other food offerings!

Address: 387 Balestier Rd, Singapore 029795
Phone Number: +65 6250 2433
Opening Hours: | Mon: Closed | Tue-Sat: 9am to 10pm | Sun: 9am to 6pm |

Monniker Menu (Click to enlarge)
Monniker Food Menu smallMonniker Breakfast Menu SmallMonniker Drinks Menu smallMonniker Happy Hour and Specials Menu small

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