Okrumong – Authentic Korean Bingsu at Dongdaemun (Seoul)!

Okrumong is a cafe in Dongdaemun (Seoul) that offers authentic Korean bingsu prepared using traditional methods. The cafe is nestled in basement level 2 of Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

A Homely Ambience

okrumong myeongdong cafe interiorThe cafe interior is spacious with aΒ minimalist design. The whitewashed walls and dark brown furnishings create aΒ nice homely environment where customers can dine in comfort.

Okrumong Traditional Red Bean Bingsu

Okrumong Traditional Red Bean BingsuWe ordered Okrumong’s signature Traditional Red Bean Bingsu (KRW 8,000), which is a shaved ice dessert doused with sweetened milk, warm red-bean syrup, and two chewy pieces of Korean rice cake toppings (mochi). The red bean is cooked using the traditional method in large cast-iron cauldrons. The bingsu is served with brassware to maintain optimal temperature. We enjoyed the dessert very much! It had a subtle sweet taste without being cloying. The red-bean syrup went nicely with the ice shavings base to create a nice balance of flavours. This was in stark contrast to other non-tradtional bingsus which tend to be overwhelmingly rich at times.

With so many new variants of bingsu popping up globally, it was nice to get a taste of authentic Korean bingsu. Respect to Okrumong for staying true to traditions!

Directions to Okrumong
Okrumong is located in level 2 basement of the shopping mall Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DPP). This mall is located outside Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Metro Station Exit 1.

Address: DongDaemun Design Plaza, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea. Basement Level 2, Store 11

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okrumong myeongdong entrance

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