Timbre Food Delivery with FeastBump!

Timbre Catering is the food delivery arm of Timbre Group. It caters for both individuals and corporate events. Recently, we ordered Timbre food delivery through FeastBump, a new online food delivery platform. You can read more about this wonderful platform here.

Ordering Timbre Food Delivery with FeastBump!Timbre OddleI am a huge fan of Timbre, an establishment well-loved by locals and gaining a steady stream of loyal supporters over the years.

And so I was excited when I found out that it was one of the merchants on FeastBump. And it even offered same-day delivery! This was perfect as I could simply order Timbre food to be delivered to my doorstep when I am feeling too lazy to go out on a weekend.

One Saturday, Evan and I decided to satisfy our Timbre craving using FeastBump.

I went to the FeastBump site and clicked on the Timbre link.

Timbre FeastBump
After scrolling through the super user friendly menu, I decided to order the Timbre Wings ($15.50) and the Triple Mushrooms Pizza ($17.50), with additional pork belly ($4) and prawn ($4) toppings. On the website it indicated that the food would take about 2 to 2.5 hours to be delivered.

Timbre Oddle Order Page

I added some special requests before proceeding to check out and pay using my credit card. Payment is processed by the secured payment site PayPal.

Timbre Oddle Confirmation Page
And I was done! It’s as simple as that. On the whole, it was a very pleasant user experience with FeastBump. I received confirmation emails from both Timbre/FeastBump and PayPal, which had details of my order along with a order number and payment transaction ID. This was reassuring.

Timbre/ FeastBump Email ConfirmationTimbre Oddle Email Confirmation

PayPal ConfirmationTimbre Oddle Paypal Confirmation

Delivery Time
However, do note that you would need to order about 2 hours in advance for Timbre Catering. On the website, we ordered at about 4pm and our scheduled delivery time was between 6 and 6.30pm.

In the end, the food only arrived at 7 pm, due to the driver arriving late at the Timbre restaurant. We were a little annoyed but the Timbre staff informed us quite early about the delay. They were very apologetic too, explaining that this was an exceptional mistake on their end.

Timbre WingsTimbre Catering WingsOn to the food! The Timbre Wings came in a nice plastic container, and consisted of both drumlets and wings, along with the delicious Timbre chili sauce. I love wings so I left all the drumlets for Evan, but I was kind enough to leave him one pair of wings too. We decided that next time we would just request for all wings instead. We enjoyed the savoury taste of the juicy chicken meat beneath the crispy grilled skin, and the wings went perfectly with the Timbre chili sauce.

Triple Mushrooms PizzaTimbre Catering Triple Mushrooms PizzaWe enjoyed the Triple Mushrooms Pizza too. The shitake, enoki and button mushrooms went nicely with the thin crispy crust that was covered in tomato pomodoro sauce and mozzarella cheese. Along with the succulent prawns and savoury pork belly toppings, every mouthful of pizza was a flavourful party in my mouth.

Timbre Catering via FeastBump
Timbre CateringTimbre OddleOn the whole, we had a pleasant experience with Timbre Catering and FeastBump. Other than the delay in delivery of about half an hour, we had no qualms about the online service at all. Would we order Timbre food again through FeastBump? Yes definitely; we enjoyed the delicious Timbre food right in the comfort of our home! The delivery service is also perfect for house parties, office events, home movie nights, etc. Click here to order now!

FeastBump Main Website: www.FeastBump.com
FeastBump Timbre Website: http://timbre.oddle.me

*This is a sponsored article by FeastBump. However, the choice of merchant was our own.

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