KFit Singapore Review and Promo Code!

What is KFit?
KFit is a new revolutionary sports membership programme that gives you unprecedented access to hundreds of fitness and recreation centres in Singapore. You can check out their website here.

Unlike other conventional fitness memberships that restrict you to visiting a single fitness centre, KFit’s membership model gives you access to a “buffet” of fitness and recreation centres that include private gyms, yoga studios, pilates studios, bicycle rentals, indoor cycling, kayaking, rock climbing centres, Muay Thai schools, Taekwondo schools, golf courses, and many many more!

In case you are curious, KFit is the brainchild of young Malaysian entrepreneur Joel Neoh Eu-Jin (founder of Groupon Malaysia and International Vice President of Groupon Asia Pacific).

The ambitious 32-year old founded KFit recently with a simple but noble goal: “to help everyone achieve their fitness goals by making it fun and easy”. Click here to find out more.

How much is the KFit Membership Fee?KFIT Singapore True FitnessWorking out at True Fitness (Chevron)

KFit works on a monthly subscription model. The first month’s subscription fee is $69*. Subsequent months’ subscription fee is $99.

*Quote EATWU when signing up to enjoy the special price of $69 for your first month subscription. Offer ends on 30th November. Sign up here.

There are no contracts.

You get to cancel your membership at any time.

But here’s the best part:

As long as you create an account with KFit, you are automatically signed up for the “Basic” plan. This plan is completely free, but it entitles you to one free KFit activity every single month! There is no catch at all. We are not sure how long this offer will last, so you should sign up now before it ends!

Who are the KFit Partners?KFIT Singapore True FitnessKFIT Singapore True FitnessAs of today, KFit has 457 partners in Singapore. To see the full list, click here.

Below are just a few of the partners for your reference. Click on the links to view the respective schedules and book your one free session now!

True Fitness
(Gym access) – Click here to read about our experience at True Fitness!

Hotel Jen
(Access to gym, swimming pool, sauna or steam bath, and Jacuzzi) – Click here to read about our experience at Hotel Jen!

Health Club – Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
(Access to gym, swimming pool, sauna or steam bath, and Jacuzzi)

Space & Light Yoga @ R-evolution
(Regular, Hot, Private, Prenatal & Therapeutic Yoga classes)

Aileron Wellness At Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa
(Pilates classes)

Crossfit Unit
(Crossfit Introductory Trial)

Hello, Bicycle!
(Vintage bicycles rental)

Anthem Indoor Cycling
(Intensive indoor cycling)

SeaBreeze Water Sports @ Wave House Sentosa
(Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaking)

Climb Central
(Indoor Rock Climbing)

Royal Thai Fitness
(Muay Thai Lessons)

Marina Bay Golf Course
(Driving Range Access)

Champions Golf
(Driving Range Access / Putting, Chipping and Bunker / Mini Putt)

Ultimate Golf Lessons
(Group Golf Lessons)

Extreme Inline Sports (Exis)
(Inline skating lessons)

Happy Couple = Fat CoupleCurious Palette - Berries Ricotta HotcakeAs you guys might know, Raevian and I enjoy eating.

A lot.

It is truly difficult to resist the temptations of good food, especially when we live in a food paradise like Singapore. There are new cafes and restaurants opening every other day, each offering new delicious food items that look so good on Instagram / Facebook that we have no choice but to go down and try (I blame social media too). Our weekend dates mainly involve exploring these new cafes and restaurants.

And on weekdays, we usually indulge in savoury local delicacies for lunch. You know, the good stuff: Chicken Rice, Laksa, Hokkien Mee, Nasi Lemak, etc etc.

We’ve all heard the saying that happy couples grow fat together.

Well, at the moment we are getting “happier” by the day, with our happiness index measured by the bathroom weighing scale.

And so one day, Raevian and I decided that we were “happy” enough.

Problems of Exercising in Singapore

We decided to start exercising on a regular basis recently. However, we quickly ran into several problems.

Firstly, we realized that it is expensive to exercise in Singapore. Most of the gym memberships in Singapore are quite expensive, costing up to a few thousands dollars or more per year. Yoga lessons are also expensive, with many studios requiring you to sign up for packages that cost thousands of dollars. We did not want to splurge on an expensive gym membership just to visit the gym once or twice a week. As we are office workers, this meant that we could only exercise on the weekends in more cost-friendly community gyms, which charge per entry fees.

Secondly, visiting the same gym and doing the same workouts can get boring over time. Even though Raevian and I make it a point to exercise at least once a week on weekends, sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to visit the same gym and do the same/ similar workout every single week. As much as Raevian and I would love to try new activities like yoga or cycling or Pilates every other week, it would be too expensive for us to do so.

This is a significant problem because fitness gurus would tell you that it is important to switch up your exercise routines on a regular basis. If not, your body would “get used” to the same repeated movements, and as result your workout would become less effective and burn fewer calories.

KFit Makes Exercising in Singapore Affordable and Fun!Point Yamu Phuket - Thai BoxingTherefore, we are glad to have discovered KFit. For the small subscription fee of just $69* for the first month and $99 for subsequent months, we now get access to almost 500 fitness and recreation centres across Singapore!

*Quote EATWU when signing up to enjoy the special price of $69 for your first month subscription! Offer ends on 30th November. Sign up here.

Previously, due to expensive memberships at private gyms, Raevian and I were only able to exercise on weekends in our community gym.

But with our KFit memberships, Raevian and I can now exercise multiple times throughout the week! On weekdays during lunch, we can go for a quick run at True Fitness Chevron. Or we could visit Space & Light Yoga @ R-evolution at Vivocity for a hot flow session to get a good yoga workout and sweat out our toxins. On Saturday, we can go for Hatha yoga classes at Yoga Bar for our weekly de-stress session. And finally on Sunday, we can visit Health Club – Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore for our gym workout and swim so that we will feel less guilty about indulging in sinful foods for the rest of the day.

Previously, an exercise routine like this would have been impossible, as it would have cost us a ton of money. But now with KFit, we can design an exercise routine that is both affordable and super fun!

KFit Lets You Design an Effective WorkoutKFIT Singapore True FitnessRaevian and I had been exercising once a week for the past few months, but we were starting to lose motivation due to the mundane nature of our workouts. However, with our KFit memberships, we can go for a variety of interesting activities which makes it much easier for us to stay motivated.

This also makes our exercise routine much more effective. The weekday run at True Fitness provides a good cardio workout, the gym workout on Sunday builds up our muscle strength and endurance, and the yoga lesson on Saturday is a good way to stretch and relax our muscles after the other intensive exercise sessions.

Use Promo Code “EATWU” to Enjoy the Special Price of $69 for the First Month!Point Yamu Phuket - Hatha YogaRaevian and I are really grateful that we have been chosen to become KFit ambassadors. Hopefully you feel as inspired as us to start exercising with KFit. Do not procrastinate any further and sign up now to get in the best shape of your life!

KFit Basic Plan: This plan is completely free and you get one free KFit activity every single month. Click here to sign up.

KFit Full Membership: This plan costs just $69 for the first month if you use promo code EATWU. Offer ends 30th November 2015. Subsequent months’ subscription fee is $99. Click here to sign up.

Click here to see the complete list of KFit partners.

Click here to see the list of KFit activities available this week.

Website: https://kfit.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KFitSingapore
Download the KFit app from Apple App Store
Download the KFit app from Google play

Non-Singaporeans get to enjoy the special promo in their home countries as well.  Just use the promo code “EATWU”! Details below:

City Regular Price 1st Month Price (with promo code)
Kuala Lumpur RM 99 RM 69
Singapore SGD 99 SGD 69
Hong Kong HKD 499 HKD 349
Taipei NTD 888 NTD588
Auckland NZD 69 NZD 49
South Korea KW 49000 FREE
Manila PHP 999 PHP699

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