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Another new eatery opens at School of The Arts (SOTA)! Located near The Cathay, Kokomama Marketplace is a new restaurant that offers a variety of fusion dishes ranging from Western foods to Italian fusion pastas to Korean Army Baked Rice to French Pastries to Japanese Rice Bowls. This is truly a “marketplace” of diverse cuisines!

Kokomama Marketplace FacadeKokomama Marketplace takes over the space originally occupied by 3 Petits Croissant, and continues to sell the delicious French pastries which the former restaurant was well-known for.

To be honest, we had our doubts when visiting Kokomama Marketplace. With the diverse variety of food, we were unsure if quality would be compromised over quantity. But our fears were allayed after taking our first bites. This latest food joint in town did not disappoint and I’m glad we made the trip there!

Convivial Environment
Kokomama Marketplace AmbienceTrue to its name, Kokomama Marketplace exudes a lively vibe where you can enjoy your meals over spirited conversations with friends. We got the feeling that the owner simply wanted to create a no-frills restaurant where diners can enjoy an eclectic range of delicious foods in a convivial environment. This unpretentious ambience made our dining experience even more pleasant.

Kokomama Marketplace Croissant

We started off with the signature Croissant as an appetizer. According to the baker, the bread is baked from in-house ovens using high quality flour from Europe. True enough, the bread had a smooth texture with a rich and savoury fragrance that lingered in our mouths. We highly recommend this for bread connoisseurs.

Tomyam Seafood Shiok Pasta ($16.90)
Kokomama Marketplace TomYam Seafood Pasta

But I was more excited about the main courses. Our first dish was Kokomama’s signature dish: the Tomyam Seafood Shiok Pasta ($16.90). It was served steaming with the spaghetti soaked in luscious creamy Tom Yam sauce, and sprinkled with red chilli-padis.

Tom Yam? Good…

Spaghetti with creamy sauce? Good…

Chilli-Padis? Good…

What’s not to love about this tantalizing combination of delicious ingredients?

Indeed, as I took my first bite, I was not disappointed. The spaghetti was cooked al-dente and went nicely with the savoury and creamy Tom Yam sauce. Together with the chilli-padis, this fusion dish brings together the best of Italian and Asian cuisines. We  enjoyed this dish very much!

Chilli Crab Blackout Bread Bowl ($8.50)
Kokomama Marketplace Chilli Crab Blackout Bread Bowl

Our second main dish for the night at Kokomama Marketplace was the Chilli Crab Blackout Bread Bowl ($8.50).

If you are a fan of chilli crabs like me, you probably enjoy eating “man-tou” (bread buns) with chilli crab sauce. At Kokomama Marketplace, you can enjoy this experience as well, albeit in a slightly different manner. The soft shell crab along with the luscious chilli crab sauce is served in a bread bowl. Therefore, you get to enjoy BOTH the crab AND the bread soaked with the goodness of chilli crab sauce.

Further more, the chilli crab sauce is served in a bread bowl made from charcoal-black bread, which intrigued me. The bread is probably made from rye grain flour, which has a darker colour than wheat grain. It is highly similar to the Russian Black Bread, which is a kind of firm and chewy bread made from rye. Rye grows well in tough climates, so Russian Black Bread is not an “artisan” concept, but rather a dietary staple for poor Russian peasants during the early 20th century.

We suspect that Kokomama Marketplace’s baker chose this type of bread because it is hard enough to hold the chilli crab sauce without collapsing. But rather than being a shortcoming, the unique taste of this rustic bread actually enhances the overall taste of the fusion dish.

On the whole, Kokomama’s Chilli Crab Bread Bowl is an interesting fusion dish which is not only highly innovative in concept but also delicious in taste.

A Diverse Range of Foods!
Kokomama MarketplaceKokomama Marketplace DrinksKokomama Marketplace Milky Oreo BingsuThe main courses we tried were just two of the many dishes Kokomama Marketplace has to offer. There is also Korean Army Baked Rice, Japanese Rice bowls, Chicken Chops, Grill Salmon, etc etc. The restaurant also offers the highly popular Korean Bingsu-s that are made with the signature “snowflake” ice-shavings. The ice-machines were imported specially from Korea.

Wonderful Fusion Foods Restaurant!
Kokomama Marketplace AmbienceAfter dinner tonight at Kokomama Marketplace, I am now a fan of fusion cuisines concepts. If done correctly, fusion dishes can truly bring together the best of varied cuisines to produce a delicious and unique taste. And Kokomama has demonstrated this well. With its convivial environment, delicious fusion dishes, and convenient location, Kokomama Marketplace is definitely a must-visit restaurant in town!

*This was an invited media tasting session.

Kokomama Marketplace
Address: 1 Zubir Said Drive, School of The Arts, #01-01, Singapore 227968
Opening Hours: | Mon to Thur: 8am to 10pm | Fri & Sat: 8am to 10.30pm | Sun: 10am to 8pm |
Phone Number: +65 68357898
Email: sota@kokomama.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kokomama.marketplace

Kokomama Marketplace Menu (Click to Enlarge!)
Kokomama Marketplace Menu

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