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It is lunchtime and I am walking under the hot sun to Capitol Building to check out the latest cafe in town, 1933. This is a 1930s-themed space that serves Chinese-Western fusion dishes with a Singapore touch. It is the latest F&B venture of The BreadTalk Group.

1933 Capitol Building

1933 Capitol Building Interior1933 Capitol Building InteriorAs I walk through the doors of Capitol Building, I am greeted by a gush of much-needed cold air. Thank God for that, if not I am going to start perspiring profusely soon! I walk further in towards the indoor plaza and soon spot 1933. Even though the cafe is located indoors, I am able to enjoy an abundance of natural lighting from the soaring glass ceiling above. 1933 exudes a vintage Nanyang charm with its round marble tables, rattan chairs, and quaint wooden furnishings. And I simply adore the drinks counter which is covered with beautiful Peranakan-motif tiles. Overall, the cafe exudes a convivial vibe where diners can enjoy their meals in an air-conditioned environment while basking in natural lighting.

Hainanese Kampong Chicken Rice ($16.80)
1933 Hainanese Kampong Chicken Rice1933 Hainanese Kampong Chicken RiceLooking through the menu, I decide to order the quintessential Singaporean dish – Hainanese Kampong Chicken Rice ($18)! According to the menu, 1933 only uses kampong chickens, which are well-known for being more delicious and tender than normal chicken. After a short while, the chicken rice arrives. To be honest, I have pretty low expectations because based on personal experience, chicken rice served in a fancy setting (hotels, restaurants, etc) usually do not pass muster. But so far, 1933’s chicken rice dish is faring pretty well presentation-wise. The chicken slices are arranged neatly in an elegant oblong plate and served on a quaint wooden tray along with the chicken rice. The meat looks tasty and tantalizing, glistering with a thin layer of oil on top of its succulent-looking skin. I pick up a piece of chicken meat, dip it with a little chilli sauce, scoop up a small amount of chicken rice, and put the combination of goodness into my mouth eagerly.

Not bad.

The meat is tender and succulent, and the tasty chicken skin has a nice smooth texture. The rice itself is savoury without being unctuous. I ask the gf for her opinion, and she feels that the chicken slices could be thinner. I guess she’s right that some people may prefer thinner slices of chicken for their chicken rice, similar to those at hawker centres. Overall though, this is a satisfying dish, and definitely surpasses my expectations.

Fish and Chips ($24.60)
1933 Fish and Chips1933 Fish and ChipsThe gf goes with the boring but safe choice: 1933’s Fish and Chips ($24.60). Did they serve Fish & Chips in 1930s Singapore? Well, the dish is of English origin, so it might have been a popular dish for the upper crust of our society during the colonial period. Therefore, I am feeling pretty atas as I slowly slice the fish with my knife and fork to taste a sample. The batter is nice and crispy, and the fish meat is tender with a smooth texture. The dish gets slightly overwhelming towards the end, but it is definitely a crowd-pleaser. I’m sure this was a popular dish with our English colonial masters.

Berry Bliss ($8)
1933 Berry BlissFor drinks, I order 1933’s Berry Bliss ($8). This cocktail-ish drink tastes super cool and refreshing with its muddled fresh mint. The drink also contains tasty little berries. This is a great drink to cleanse my palate and stomach after the heavy meal.

Hot Chocolate
1933 Hot ChocolateThe gf orders the Hot Chocolate, which is sweet and rich without being overwhelming. And of course, there is the signature 1933 design on top of the drink.

1933 Cafe FoodWe leave 1933 feeling satisfied, happy that our efforts to come here in the hot weather has been rewarded. This is a pleasant bistro where diners get to enjoy their meals in a vintage setting while basking in the natural light from the soaring glass ceilings above. And the place is air-conditioned so you do not have to worry about languishing in Singapore’s heat and humidity. The staff were all friendly and professional, and we were surprised by the high service standards despite the café being newly-opened. We are happy to have discovered yet another nice eatery in town.

Capitol Piazza
15 Stamford Road #01-83 Singapore 178906
Phone Number: +65 63843660
Opening Hours: Daily 10am to 10pm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/1933.SG
Contact: btc_1933@breadtalk.com

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