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SandBank is a newly open restaurant-bar at East Coast Park that serves pizzas, pastas, salads, seafood, liquors, and a variety of other Western foods. There is also a breakfast menu, which offers perennial favourites such as Egg Benedicts, Bacon and Ham, Scrambled eggs, Omelettes, French Toast, etc. The restaurant has a 15m plunge pool which is perfect for dipping in the hot weather, or for children to have a splashing good time.

The Sandbank Singapore

Great Ambience With Scenic View of the Sea
The Sandbank Singapore outdoorThe Sandbank Singapore InteriorThe Sandbank Singapore InteriorThe Sandbank Singapore Plunge PoolWe visited the SandBank on a Saturday morning and dined al fresco. We simply loved the ambience of the place! The restaurant is located on the beachfront so we got to enjoy the scenic view of the sea along with the sounds of waves lapping against the shores in the background. The weather was quite cooling too as there was a gentle sea breeze blowing. SandBank has a spacious interior along with a wonderful 15m plunge pool for children, making it a great family-friendly joint. Next to our table was a small family of four with a baby pram and a toddler, enjoying their breakfast in the serene setting. There were also a few children frolicking in the shallow plunge pool.

SandBank Breakfast
The Sandbank Singapore - The Sandbank BreakfastThe Sandbank Singapore - The Sandbank BreakfastOur first dish was the restaurant’s signature offering, the SandBank Breakfast ($21). This sumptuous dish consists of a mouthwatering spread of chicken chipolata, tomato, bacon, sautéed mushroom, honey baked ham, baked beans, mini hash brown, toast, and a choice of scrambled eggs, sunny side ups, or cheese omelette. I went with scrambled eggs. Just reading the menu was enough to make me salivate! Overall, this was a palatable breakfast item. The food was served warm and all the ingredients tasted fresh. I downed the delicious food with a refreshing glass of ice-cold cranberry juice, feeling satisfied.

Portobello Mushroom & Scrambled Egg
The Sandbank Singapore - Portobello Mushroom and Scrambled EggThe Sandbank Singapore - Portobello Mushroom and Scrambled EggWe also ordered the Portobello Mushroom & Scrambled Egg ($16), which consists of Portobello mushroom, scrambled eggs, bacon bites, salad, and mini hash browns. Like the SandBank Breakfast, this was definitely up to the mark as well. The Portobello mushrooms were the highlight, with a chewy texture and savoury flavour that left us wanting more after each bite. And we loved the crunchy bacon bites – who doesn’t love bacon bites??

Perfect Place to Start a Tranquil Weekend Morning
The Sandbank Singapore outdoorThe Sandbank Singapore BreakfastThe Sandbank Singapore Plunge PoolThe Sandbank Singapore Plunge PoolWith its delicious breakfast menu, scenic sea view, and the awesome 15m plunge pool, SandBank is definitely the perfect place to start a tranquil weekend morning with your family. And to top it off, there is free parking along with plenty of parking space. SandBank is now definitely one of our favourite family-friendly restaurants in Singapore!

This was an invited media tasting session.

Address: 920 East Coast Parkway, #01-28/32, Singapore 449875
Opening Hours: | Tue to Fri 4pm to 12am | Sat & Sun 9am to 12am |
Phone Number: +65 6247 7988

SandBank Breakfast MenuThe Sandbank Singapore

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