Box N Sticks @ Kandahar Street (Singapore)

Box N Sticks is a traditional Izakaya-style Japanese restaurant situated at 28 Kandahar Street. This is one of our favourite hidden gems in Kampong Glam!

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Box N Sticks Singapore Facade

Great Ambience and Service
Box N Sticks Singapore CounterBox N Sticks Singapore Interior

Box N Sticks has a traditional Japanese Izakaya design, with chefs decked in traditional Japanese attire behind the counter. It felt like we were dining in an authentic Japanese eatery. We enjoyed good service throughout the meal – the staff were all friendly and attentive to our needs.

A Variety of Japanese Food

Box N Sticks serves a variety of Japanese food such as Sushi, Sashimi, Maki, Don (Rice Bowl), Kushiyaki (grilled skewer meat/ vegetable), Yaki Mono (Japanese grilled meat), and other Japanese food. Scroll to the bottom of this article for the full menu.

Wonderful Kushiyaki!
Box N Sticks Singapore KushiyakiFrom left: Tori Kawa Ninniku (chicken skin with garlic), Butabara Wasabi Mayo (pork belly with wasabi mayo), Butabara Shioyaki (lightly salted pork belly)

Box N Sticks Kushiyaki 2From left: Enoki Bacon, Yakitori (teriyaki chicken)

We LOVED the Kushiyaki at Box N Sticks!

The classic Yakitori – $2.40 (Teriyaki Chicken Bites) was tender and succulent and went perfectly with the savoury-sweet Teriyaki sauce.

The Butabara Shioyaki – $2.40 (Salted Pork Belly) was grilled to perfection with a fragrant smoky flavour that had us hooked from the first bite.

For a different taste, we ordered the Butabara Wasabi Mayo – $3.80. It was scrumptious too! The unique blend of flavours – salty pork, spicy wasabi, creamy mayo – made this a novel sensory experience that made us adore Box N Sticks’ food even more.

We also enjoyed the Enoki Bacon – $3.80. The enoki mushroom was tender and succulent and went nicely with the bacon juices. The bacon wrap was juicy and savoury and never reminded me of how artery-clogging it was.

Dinner Set (Top Up $5.80)
Box N Sticks Singapore Dinner Set

And we topped up just $5.80 to get the Box N Sticks dinner set (Rice + Miso Soup + Chawanmushi). The miso soup and chawanmushi were both up to the mark, but surprisingly it was the rice which stood out. This was packed into two neat triangular shapes and wrapped in seaweed for easy holding. The impression was one of artful balance in the texture and fragrance of the rice, and I was pleasantly surprised by how good plain rice could taste.

Conclusion: Delicious Kushiyaki, Great Vibe, Good Service, Affordable Price!
Box N Sticks Singapore Dinner Set 2

Overall, we had a super satisfying and affordable Japanese meal. With its delicious Kushiyaki, traditional Izakaya vibe, great service and affordable price, Box N Sticks definitely ranks as one of our favourite food joints in Kampong Glam!

Box N Sticks
Address: 28 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198889
Opening Hours: | Tue to Fri 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10pm | Sat & Sun 1.30pm to 10pm | Closed on Mon & PH |
Phone Number: +65 6341 7780

Box N Sticks Promotions
Box N Sticks Promotions

Box N Sticks Dinner Menu (Click to Enlarge)
Box N Sticks Dinner MenuBox N Sticks Dinner Menu

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