BERGS Gourmet Burgers @ Haji Lane Singapore

BERGS Gourmet Burgers is a burger franchise in Singapore opened by two Australians. After failing to find the ultimate “burger nirvana” in their quest across Asia, Australia and New Zealand, they decided to open their own burger outlet right here in Singapore.

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BERGS @ Haji Lane – A No Frills Burger Joint

We visited the BERGS Haji Lane branch on a Saturday afternoon. This BERGS branch is a no-frills burger joint lined with homely wooden tables and chairs. It has an open-kitchen concept, so you can see the chef preparing your burger in front of you. Service was a lil inconsistent, but the delicious burger more than made up for it.

The Berg Burger ($12.50) – Absolutely Delicious!

I ordered the signature The Berg ($12.50) burger, which is made from prime beef patty, lettuce, the secretive Bergs Sauce, and other veggies. I topped up $4.50 to get a side of chips and a cup of ice lemon tea.

I enjoyed the chunky chips which were savoury and delicious, but I would probably skip the ice lemon tea the next time.

As for The Berg burger, I was sold the moment I sank my teeth into it. It tasted G R E A T! The succulent beef patty was done impeccably and it tasted so juicy and tasty. I absolutely relished the experience of the savoury juices oozing into my mouth. The lettuce and other veggies added a refreshing touch. I attacked the burger with gusto and wolfed it down in less than 5 minutes. This was the best burger I had had in a long time!

Conclusion: Great Burgers at a No-Frills Burger Joint!

Nothing like savouring a succulent beef patty sandwiched between fresh buns (no puns intended)! I can still remember the delicious taste of the Berg burger in my mouth. If you don’t mind nonchalant service and just want to enjoy great-tasting gourmet burgers, BERGS Gourmet Burgers @ Haji Lane is the place for you.

BERGS – Gourmet Burgers
Address: 10 Haji Lane, Singapore 189203
Opening Hours: | Sun to Thu 11.30am to 10pm | Fri & Sat 11.30am to 11pm |
Phone Number: +65 6293 3424

BERGS Gourmet Burgers Menu

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