EISKY & Delicious @ Haji Lane Singapore

It is a Saturday afternoon and Raevian and I are walking under the hot sun along the bustling street of Haji Lane in Kampong Glam.

Suddenly, a shop with a unique facade catches our eye. It is a cafe called EISKY & Delicious that sells desserts, pastries and pies. We notice that there is a life-sized cup at the storefront and realize that it offers a variety of ice-blended drinks as well.

Ice-blended drinks? Just what we need right now in this hot weather!

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Nice Cafe with Great Service!
Eisky and Delicious Haji Lane Singapore

Eisky and Delicious Haji Lane Cashier

I walk through the sliding doors and am greeted by a much-welcomed and needed gush of cold air.

A friendly lady behind the counter smiles at me.

“Hi! Would you like to have an Eisky?”

An Eisky? Is she trying to flirt with me? I am looking confused and she proceeds to explain with a smile,

“Eisky is our shop’s specialty! It’s an ice-blended smoothie that contains lime, watermelon, lots of ice-cream, and our secret Eisky sauce. You can choose to add other fruits such as lychee, strawberry, grape, etc.”

We look through the menu and decide to go with the Eisky Lychee.

An Enticing and Mystical Ambience
Eisky and Delicious Haji Lane Upstairs
Eisky and Delicious Haji Lane StaircaseEisky and Delicious Haji Lane OwlEISKY and Delicious offers outdoor seating but it also has an air-conditioned area upstairs. We take the latter option because we can’t wait to escape from the hot weather.

As we walk up the stairs, we trigger a motion sensor and a smoke machine emits a sizable puff of white odorless smoke into our paths.


The ceiling is lined with thick tropical vegetation, and we spot a dangling stuffed monkey. There are cute little owls placed on every table, and a projector continuously screens clips of people performing amazing feats (synchronized skydiving, tightrope walking, acrobatic feats, etc).

The walls are lined with many impressionistic paintings on sale. This adds an artistic element to the overall vibe of the cafe.

It feels like we have stepped into a mystical African safari in a fantasy world!

We just wanted to escape the heat, but so far EISKY and Delicious has blown us away with its amazing ambience.

Delicious Ice-Blended Smoothie!
Eisky and Delicious Haji Lane Eisky LycheeEisky Lychee ($6.50)

A short while later, our Eisky Lychee ($6.50) arrives and we eagerly sip on it to quench our thirst.

The drink does not disappoint too.

Even though ice-blended drinks are pretty common, EISKY and Delicious manages to stand out from the crowd with its unique concoction. The impression is one of perfect balance in both texture and flavour, with the various ingredients coming together to form a drink that is delicious but not cloyingly sweet.

Pastries and Desserts
Eisky and Delicious Haji Lane PiesEisky and Delicious Haji Lane MenuEISKY and Delicious Menu. Click to enlarge

I see other customers eating pastries and desserts and silently make a note to myself to try those items the next time we visit.

Perfect Place to Chill Out along Haji Lane!
Eisky and Delicious Haji Lane Mystical Ambience
We stay in the cafe longer that we had originally intended to, because we simply love the ambience here. With its delicious ice-blended drinks, friendly service, and enticing mystical ambience, EISKY and Delicious is now our FAVOURITE place to chill out along Haji Lane in Kampong Glam.

We will definitely be back!!

EISKY & Delicious
Address: 11 Haji Lane Singapore 189204
Opening hours: Wed to Sun – 12.30pm to 6.30pm
Phone Number Contact: +65 63417212
Email: gina@eisky.com.sg
Website: www.facebook.com/eiskyndelicious

Directions for how to go Eisky and Delicious
The cafe is situated along Haji Lane, a short ten-minute walk from Bugis Mrt Station.

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