Oven and Fried Chicken @ Telok Ayer

One of the latest restaurant to join the Korean food scene in Singapore is Oven & Fried Chicken, a bistro specializing in Korean-style fried chicken.

The past few years have seen Korean cuisine getting ever more popular in Singapore, with new food joints popping up around the island frequently.

And Korean fried chicken is one type of Korean food that Singaporeans especially love!

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Oven and Fried Chicken Entrance
We head over to this new joint for our Korean fried chicken fix on a Thursday night.

We are promptly led to a table by a friendly Korean staff.

The first thing we see upon entering Oven & Fried Chicken is a large television screen playing “Running Man”, everyone’s favourite Korean variety show at the moment.

This is a no frills establishment with pastel-coloured wooden furnishings and plain red upholstery on the benches.

Which is fine by me because I am here to gorge myself silly with Korean fried chicken and not admire fancy interior design.

Oven and Fried Chicken Singapore Interior Design
There is a button to press for service which I love because I can avoid the ordeal of waving frantically and not getting the attention of the staff if things get busy for them.

We look through the menu and order a half Fried Rice Chicken ($18) and a half Roasted Chicken ($18), along with an Aloe Vera and Grape Juice can drink.

Oven & Fried Chicken also offers two complimentary sauces from a selection of Honey Mustard, Sweet Chili, Mild Sauce, Spicy Sauce, Soy Sauce and Jambalaya. We go with Honey Mustard and Spicy Sauce.

Oven and Fried Chicken Menu 1Oven and Fried Chicken Menu 2Oven and Fried Chicken Menu 3

Our two sinful plates of Korean fried chicken goodness arrive shortly.

I attack the tantalizing Korean Fried Rice Chicken first.

Oven and Fried Chicken Singapore Fried Rice ChickenHalf Fried Rice Chicken ($18)

Woohoo, I’m in Korean fried chicken heaven!

The chicken skin is crispy and juicy, and the meat is smooth and succulent.

I am stuffing piece after piece in my mouth but after a while I start to slow down.

Oven & Fried Chicken uses rice flour to fry its chicken. However, the layer of flour on the fried chicken is quite thick and slightly greasy. Therefore, the first several pieces tasted sublime but it starts to get a little overwhelming after that.

Nevertheless, I wash down the fried chicken with the refreshing Aloe Vera drink that has nice chewy bits of aloe vera inside and go on to attack the plate of Roasted Chicken with gusto.

Oven and Fried Chicken Singapore Roasted ChickenHalf Roasted Chicken ($18)

Compared to the fried chicken, the impression of the Roasted Chicken is one of artful balance in the flavour and texture.

The sweetness of the grilled chicken skin romances your palate before the savoury juices of the meat spurts out and kicks in.

We love it!

The Grape Juice is pleasant and refreshing, a perfect drink after the oily meal. However, the can is really small and I finish it within a few mouthfuls. Likewise for the Aloe Vera can.

Oven and Fried Chicken Grape Juice and Aloe Vera Juice

Overall, we had a pleasant experience at Oven & Fried Chicken. I had a good time indulging in delicious Korean fried chicken while watching the hilarious Running Man variety show.

Be sure to check out this no-frills establishment for your Korean fried chicken fix!

Oven and Fried Chicken Singapore

Directions for how to go Oven & Fried Chicken Singapore

  • Method One: From Tanjong Pajar MRT, walk for about eight minutes. Click here for directions.
  • Method Two: From Telok Ayer MRT, walk for about two minutes. Click here for directions.

Oven & Fried Chicken
Address: 182 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068630
Telephone Number: +65 6222 5959
Website: www.okkudak.co.kr
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ofcsingapore
Lunch Opening Hours: Mon to Fri – 12pm to 2.30pm | Weekends & PH – Closed |
Dinner Opening Hours: Daily including PH – 6pm to 12am

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