Cheeky Chicky @ North Bridge Road (Closed)

*Cheeky Chicky has ceased operations since April 2015.

We love the satisfaction of discovering great food joints that are still relatively unknown to most people.

Today, our quest for such a joint takes us to Cheeky Chicky, a new bistro at North Bridge Road (Singapore). This area is well-known for being an enclave of great cafes and bistros.

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Cheeky Chicky Singapore Entrance

Cheeky Chicky North Bridge RoadWe walk into the restaurant and are immediately greeted by an enthusiastic staff. He leads us to our table and runs through the menu items patiently with us.

We have read about the Creamy Salted Egg Chicken online, but notice that it’s not on the menu. We ask the staff and he tells us that it’s not available during lunch. However, he could prepare it for us if we wished.

We are impressed by his willingness to go the extra mile to enhance the customer dining experience.

After contemplating for a while, we decide to go with the Creamy Salted Egg Chicken set meal and the quarter Beer Can Chicken Platter For One set meal.

Cheeky Chicky Restaurant InteriorCheeky Chicky Interior
From the restaurant décor, we can tell the restaurant founders really love chickens.

The restaurant mascot is an adorable animated plump chicken wearing a chef hat and wielding two spatulas. (Incidentally, we previously spotted a life-size version of the mascot at Raffles Place on a weekday during lunch hours. Do give the chicken some love if you spot it!)

The restaurant walls are covered with cute doodles of entire chicken families, from roosters to chickens to groups of little chicks.

The restaurant is lined with mostly black-coloured furnishings, with the bright yellow ceiling offering a nice contrast.

Overall, the friendly staff and convivial atmosphere make Cheeky Chicky the perfect place to chill out and enjoy a hearty meal of grilled chicken.

Cheeky Chicky FoodWe are feeling excited as we wait for our food to arrive. We have read online that Cheeky Chicky serves up one of the best grilled chicken in Singapore.

After a short ten minutes, our dishes arrive.

Creamy Salted Egg Chicken ($15.90)
Cheeky Chicky Salted Egg ChickenThis set comes with the tantalizing salted egg chicken, fragrant garlic chicken rice, one Chawanmushi, a glass of green tea, and a bowl of tasty crackers.

I poke my fork into a piece of chicken and pop it in my mouth hastily.

While the chicken itself is grilled to perfection – succulent with just the right amount of tenderness – the salted egg sauce is a winner in its own right. The salty sauce is rich and bursting with flavour, and goes wonderfully with the chicken.

The garlic chicken rice, which is Cheeky Chicky’s take of Singapore’s chicken rice, is prepared with olive oil and fresh garlic over a teppanyaki grill. It has a rich fragrance and is not overly-oily. We like it!

Cheeky Chicky ChawamushiI spot the Chawanmushi and decide to go for it quickly before it turns cold. The velvety egg custard tastes warm and extremely fresh – definitely unlike other pre-prepared chawanmushis which taste like they had been stored in a fridge for months.

As I gulp down more of the delicious egg custard into my stomach, I am pleasantly surprised to find century egg bits and a whole salted egg yolk inside. These add a distinct salty flavour to the Chawanmushi.

Kudos to Cheeky Chicky for taking the traditional Chawanmushi to a new level!

Beer Can Chicken Platter for One ($19.90)
Beer Can Chicken Platter for OneI attack the next dish with gusto – the highly-anticipated Beer Can Chicken.

I cut a piece of the grilled chicken drumstick, dip it in the Asahi beer provided in a small glass bottle, and put it into my mouth. My eyes light up.

This is the bomb.

Similar to the previous dish, the chicken is grilled to perfection with just the right amount of tenderness. But the Asahi beer brings it to another level.

This amazing dish takes the best of both worlds – the enjoyment of drinking good beer and the gratification of eating succulent grilled chicken – and combines them to give the ultimate gustatory experience.

The strong aromatic taste of the beer compliments the grilled chicken perfectly and the dish simply tastes amazing.

Who would have thought beer + chicken could taste SO good?

We leave the restaurant as two satisfied gluttons.

Verdict: Cheeky Chicky’s Beer Can Chicken is a MUST-TRY!
Cheeky Chicky Mascot
This was one of our best meals this year.

The restaurant won us over in every aspect. From the sincere and enthusiastic staff to the convivial atmosphere to the heavenly beer can chicken, everything was just perfect at Cheeky Chicky.

Our only regret was not having the chance to try the whole Beer Can Chicken. My quarter Beer Can Chicken may have been good, but I treat it as just a warm-up to the experience of eating a whole chicken.

And according to the restaurant staff whom I spoke to, the dish is not only delicious but it is a great experience in itself.

Somehow, I don’t doubt her at all.

Oh, and Cheeky Chicky does not charge GST and service charge 🙂

We’ll be back!

Cheeky Chicky
Address: 774 North Bridge Road Singapore 198742
Telephone Number: +65 6635 3465 or +65 8157 8845
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 11pm

Lunch Menu
Cheeky Chicky Lunch Menu 1Cheeky Chicky Lunch Menu 2

Dinner Menus
Cheeky Chicky Dinner MenuCheeky Chicky Sides Menu

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