The Mama Shop @ Pearl’s Hill Terrace (CLOSED)

The Mama Shop is a café opened by Singapore celebrities Felicia Chin and Sora Ma. It is located at 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, where the former Police Operational Headquarters was situated. The cafe serves waffles, nuggets, burgers and a variety of drinks like kopi, Italian soda and Twining Hot Tea.

The Mama Shop

A Quiet Enclave
Pearls Hill Terrace Upper BarracksThe Mama Shop is located within a quiet enclave of art studios and offices.

The Mama Shop is nestled within a colonial-styled building which formerly served as police barracks. It was known as the “Upper Barracks”. The building quarters have since been converted to office spaces for lease. Today, it is a quiet enclave of art studios and offices.

The Mama Shop Roman StatuesFaux Roman statues and terracotta warriors line the courtyard where The Mama Shop is located

I explored the building and discovered a tidy sprawl of establishments that included a dance studio, a wedding services agency, an accountancy firm, a law firm, and even a tattoo parlour. I ended my exploration at the courtyard where The Mama Shop is located. In a similar artistic vein, the courtyard is lined with faux Roman statues and terracotta warriors.

The Mama Shop Pearls Hill TerraceOverall, the place exudes an artistic vibe amidst a vintage setting that is reminiscent of Singapore’s colonial past. Hanging out at The Mama Shop is a great way to soak in this unique atmosphere.

The Mama Shop – A Trip Down Memory LaneThe Mama Shop SingaporeThe cafe has a retro-themed design that simulates the facade of the traditional “mama shop” in Singapore. This is a convenience stall located in the heartlands that sells a variety of provisions. It is, however, a fast dying trade due to the advent of modern air-conditioned mini-marts.

The café has unadorned tables with colorful chairs and stools, and can seat about 20 people.

The Mama Shop Singapore Vinyl PlayerThere was a vinyl record player playing eighties Madonna classics. This added to the nostalgic vibe of the place.

The Mama Shop Singapore Thrift GamesThe Mama Shop sells old-school thrift games that are typically found at “real” mama shops. We saw two girls playing the classic game snakes and ladders while enjoying their food.

The Mama Shop Singapore TidbitsYou can also find tidbits that were commonly sold during the eighties/nineties in Singapore.

In sum, visiting The Mama Shop is like taking a trip down memory lane for Singaporeans.

The Mama Shop’s Food

The Mama Shop FoodThe Mama Shop’s Italian Soda ($3.90)

We ordered the Italian Soda ($3.90) and the Ovomaltine Waffles ($4.90).

The Italian Soda is quite pricey at $3.90, considering that it’s just carbonated water with syrup. However, it is a refreshing drink and a nice relief from the hot weather.

The Mama Shop Ovomaltine WafflesThe Mama Shop’s Ovomaltine Waffles ($4.90)

The Ovomaltine Waffles ($4.90) were great!

The waffles are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Doused with sweet chocolate sauce and covered with strawberry slices, they simply tasted delicious.

The Mama Shop: An Ideal Place for a Quiet Getaway
The Mama Shop Felicia ChinThe Mama Shop’s location at the quaint enclave in Pearl’s Hill Terrace makes it an ideal place for a quiet getaway.

The food took a while to come, and the place could definitely do with more fans or even outdoor air-conditioners. But these are understandable considering that the café was just newly opened on 6 October 2014.

Along with its surroundings, The Mama Shop has a great atmosphere. It is a nice place to spend a lazy afternoon with your other half, with your family or with your friends.

The Mama Shop
195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace Singapore 168976
Telephone: +65 9168 2258

The Mama Shop Opening Hours
Mon to Thu: 12pm – 10pm
Fri to Sat: 12pm – 11pm
Sun: 12pm – 10pm

Directions for how to go to The Mama Shop
– By Car
If you are driving, go along Eu Tong Sen Street and turn into Pearl’s Hill Terrace. You will see the old-school building where The Mama Shop is located shortly. See this map.

– By Public Transport Method One
If you are going by public transport, alight at Chinatown MRT station. From Exit C, walk towards People’s Park hawker centre and cut through any exit at the back of the hawker centre. On your left, there will be a car park gantry and a sheltered staircase. Go up the staircase and walk into the main entrance.

– By Public Transport Method Two
Alight at Outram Park MRT station, and walk about 10 minutes uphill from behind Pearls Centre. However, this will probably be very tiring and I recommend taking a short cab ride from the taxi stand just outside the mall. See this map.

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