Seasonal Tastes @ The Westin Singapore

Seasonal Tastes is the signature restaurant of The Westin Singapore. It offers sumptuous international buffet spreads in a classy setting.

As I step out from the lift into the hotel lobby on the 32nd floor, I am in awe of the hotel’s spectacular design. Suede day beds and plush lounge chairs fill the lobby, and I look up to see modern chandeliers and whimsical fixtures suspended from the ceiling. Sweeping full-length glass windows provide an unimpeded view of the South China Sea. Overall, the lobby is modern, intimate, elegant and alluring.

Our Seasonal Tastes Experience in Video – Best Watched in HD!

LobbyThe Westin Singapore lobby is modern, intimate, elegant and alluring.

Infinity PoolWestin Singapore has a beautiful infinity pool nestled on the 35th floor.

I decide to explore the pool area as I’m early for the dinner appointment. Westin Singapore has a nice infinity pool nestled on the 35th floor. There are a few hotel guests chilling by the pool on deck chairs. Another one stands in the pool at the edge, taking in the paranomic sea view. It is serene and beautiful to say the least. We sit at one of the tables by the pool to enjoy the scenic view for a while before making our way to Seasonal Tastes.

ReceptionSeasonal Tastes’ reception area

We approach the smartly dressed hotel staff at the restaurant entrance.

“Any reservations, Sir?” he asks in a cordial manner.

Great Ambience with Kickass View
WindowSeasonal Tastes has sweeping floor-to-ceiling glass windows!

I inform him that we have made reservations for 6pm and are promptly led to a table by the window. Seasonal Tastes is located on the 32nd floor, so we get to enjoy a paranomic view of the South China Sea through the restaurant’s sweeping floor-to-ceiling glass windows. I lie back on my comfortable chair and enjoy the kickass view for a moment. However, I snap out of my reverie quickly and hastily make a beeline for the buffet spreads before the crowds start coming in.

Seasonal Tastes juxtaposes modern cosmopolitan design with sophistication.

Tantalizing buffet items lined out on luxurious marble blocks.

Seasonal Tastes juxtaposes modern cosmopolitan design with sophistication. Contemporary metal structures line the centre of the restaurant, augmented by elegant overhead round lamps. Simultaneously, the restaurant exudes a stately charm with its white marble floor, square oak tables with marble surfaces, and large marble blocks on which the buffet items are placed.

I am enjoying myself as I walk around the restaurant. It’s a great feeling to walk around good food in a beautiful setting. I stack up two plates with my favourite items and walk back gingerly to the table.

Impeccable Service
I sit down at the table and drink some iced water as I prepare for the feast. One of the staff comes by shortly to refill my glass. I am pleased because I always appreciate restaurant staff being observant and taking the initiative to meet the customer’s needs.

I begin my feast, and the restaurant manager drops by regularly to check on us and ensure that we are having a pleasant experience. He is warm and sincere and once again I’m impressed by the wonderful service of Seasonal Tastes.

As I’m chatting to Raevian, one of the restaurant staff comes by and asks if she can clear the plate of seafood on my table. I am amused because I have not even touched the food yet.

“Er.. not yet.” I try to conceal my amusement as I reply.

Perhaps she is too eager to provide prompt service, to the extent of clearing untouched food. 🙂

Notwithstanding this minor incident, the service of Seasonal Tastes is impeccable. All the staff have been friendly and attentive so far and I’m in a good mood because I love good service.

Tantalizing Selection of Seafood
Seasonal Tastes offers a tantalizing selection of seafood: Boston Lobsters, Mussels, Clams, Crabs, Prawns, Freshly-shucked Oysters.

Raevian and I start with our favourite buffet item: Seafood!

Seasonal Tastes offers a tantalizing selection of seafood: Boston Lobsters, Mussels, Clams, Crabs, Prawns, Freshly-shucked Oysters.

The oyster is fresh and tangy and the tobasco sauce/ lemon juice compliment it perfectly.

I start with a personal favourite: oysters. I sprinkle some tabasco sauce and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice over the oysters. I’m feeling excited as I use the fork to extract the oyster and put it in my mouth..

It tastes great!

The oyster is fresh and tangy and the tobasco sauce/ lemon juice compliment it perfectly.

Fresh and delicious prawns, mussels and clams.

Next, I help myself to the prawns, mussels and clams in quick succession. All of them are fresh and succulent and my only quip is that I did not take more! I have enjoyed my seafood feast so far but I know that the best is yet to be. I have patiently saved the best for last: Boston Lobsters.

Heavenly Boston Lobsters
Boston LobstersJust looking at the bright orange lobsters is enough to send my salivary glands into overdrive. In fact, they look so good that I almost can’t bear to eat them.


After a brief microsecond of hesitation, my knife and fork are busy at work extracting the white lobster meat from the shell. After about a minute, I succeed in getting a piece on my fork. I hastily put the meat in my mouth to reap the benefits of my hard work.

Just looking at the bright orange lobsters at Seasonal Tastes is enough to send my salivary glands into overdrive.

It tastes so good.

This has got to be the highlight of the night, even though I haven’t even started on the rest of the buffet!

The Boston Lobster tastes fresh and succulent, with just the right amount of savouriness. As I’m chewing on the meat, Raevian looks at me and I can see her mouth moving. I realize she is asking me if she can share some of the lobster. I snap out of my reverie.

“No!” I reply curtly and instinctively.

Luckily, she looks more amused than pissed-off and we have taken two lobsters anyways. She starts on the other one. Before long, she has sunk into the same lobster-reverie as me, and probably understands why I rejected her request earlier on.

The Boston Lobster is a MUST-TRY for anyone who visits Seasonal Tastes!

Whole Marinated Sirloin Steak
The meat is firm but not too tough, with the beef taste augmented by the savoury gravy.

Next, I go for the delicious-looking beef. It is a tantalizing dark pink in the centre and a warm brown towards the outer portion. I cut a small piece and dip it in some gravy before putting it in my mouth. The meat is firm but not too tough, with the beef taste augmented by the savoury gravy.

Chicken with Mushroom Ragout
The Chicken with Mushroom Ragout looks like it is worth a try too. It is doused in dark brown gravy and covered with an assortment of greens and mushrooms. I put a portion in my mouth. Even though there is a mixture of various ingredients, the respective flavours come together nicely to form a delicious treat.

Salmon Beurre Blanc
In a hypocritical attempt to eat healthy, I have taken some salmon. Seasonal Tastes’ Salmon Beurre Blanc is served in a lemon-based sauce. The fish meat is savoury and tangy with a subtle lingering fragrance, and goes nicely with the lemon sauce.

Fresh Sashimi
I have taken quite a bit of sashimi too. I love it that Seasonal Tastes offers thick and succulent sashimi slices. I dip a salmon slice with a little soy sauce and put it my mouth, reveling in the freshness of the sashimi. I help myself to a few more pieces.

Desserts Paradise!
Seasonal Tastes has the dessert-themed night every Wednesday!

I go for a few more rounds of seafood, sashimi and other delicious cooked food, but I ensure that I have enough space left in my stomach for the much-anticipated desserts! Seasonal Tastes has a different themed buffet every night, and luckily for us, today (Wednesday) happens to be their desserts-themed night!

No wonder there is such a large variety of desserts available. Even as I was helping myself to the other buffet items, I kept eyeing the tantalizing arrays of desserts and simply couldn’t wait to start on them.

The wait is finally over. I grab a plate and make a beeline for the desserts section.

Strawberry FondueThe star of the dessert section has got to be the strawberry fondue. This is the first time I’ve seen a pink-coloured fondue and I am mesmerized. There is nothing as seductive to the palate as a fountain overflowing with copious amounts of melted strawberry. I stick some marshmallows and fruits into the mini-waterfall and watch as they get covered with the luscious melted strawberry.

Seasonal Tastes’ fondue is a dessert-lover’s dream come true.

Other than the fondue, there are lots of other delightful desserts too. In fact, it is quite an enjoyable experience to just walk around and look at the pretty desserts.

Rainbow CakesI almost feel bad as I sink my teeth into the cute gummy bear and pretty rainbow cake.

I stack my plate with as many desserts as possible, and walk back to the table hastily. The Rainbow Cake that is trending nowadays looks cute with the little Gummy Bear lying on top. It looks like a baby bear dozing on top of a colourful fluffy cloud. I almost feel bad as I sink my teeth into the bear and fluffy cake.


MacaronsThe macaron shell is crisp and fresh, without being overly hard. The amount of fillings is just right.

Next, I go for one of my favourite desserts: macarons. There is a variety of macaron flavours at Seasonal Tastes for you to choose from. I start with the vanilla flavour. The macaron shell is crisp and fresh, without being overly hard. The amount of fillings is just right. I gobble down a few other macarons in a hurry.  I like the vanilla, chocolate and lemon the best.

GelatoSeasonal Tastes’ Sesame-Flavoured Gelato is luscious and creamy with a delicate sesame flavour.

After downing the macarons, I eat a scoop of the Sesame-Flavoured Gelato. It is luscious and creamy with a smooth texture that feels so good in my mouth. The sesame flavour is palpable but not overpowering. This is definitely one of my favourite desserts for the night!

Because it’s Seasonal Tastes’ dessert-themed night, there are just so many good desserts to eat! I try the Blueberry Cheesecake, Lemon Meringue, Grand cru Chocolate Hazelnut Royal, and the assortment of Chocolate Pralines. All of them are sinfully delicious.

I am in Desserts Paradise.

Seasonal Tastes’ Blueberry Cheesecake

Seasonal Tastes’ Lemon Meringue

Seasonal Tastes’ Grand cru Chocolate Hazelnet Royal

Seasonal Tastes’ Chocolate Pralines

Impeccable Service, Kickass Seaview, Amazing Seafood, Heavenly Boston Lobsters, Desserts Paradise
I had a great time eating at Seasonal Tastes. From the impeccable service to the wonderful ambience to the kickass seaview to the amazingly fresh seafood to the delicious cooked food to the sinfully sweet desserts, everything was just perfect.

My only quip was that the variety is slightly limited – but I believe that Seasonal Tastes’ philosophy is to have quality over quantity. Therefore, instead of stuffing you with copious amounts of subpar food, Seasonal Tastes ensures that you get to enjoy a carefully curated selection of prime quality food.

The Westin Experience
The Westin Singapore lobby lounge is lavish without being opulent.

We step out of the restaurant after the great dinner, and are captivated by the beautiful Westin lobby lounge.

Cushy lounge chairs and elegant leather chairs line the lounge, with exquisite decanters of various shapes serving as chandeliers to provide a gentle glow. Luxurious with a touch of elegance, the lobby lounge is lavish without being opulent.

Looking at the beautiful lobby lounge, I realize that dining at Seasonal Tastes is not just about the food.

It is about The Westin Experience.

Seasonal Tastes @ The Westin Singapore
Address: Level 32, Asia Square Tower 2, 12 Marina View, Singapore 018961
Click here to make reservations

Seasonal Tastes Contact Details
Telephone: +65 6922 6968

Seasonal Tastes Opening Hours and Buffet Price
Lunch Buffet: Mon to Sat, 12pm to 2.30pm. SGD42++ per person
Dinner Buffet: Mon to Thur, Sat & Sun, 6pm to 10pm. SGD62++ per person
Seafood Night Buffet: Every Friday, 6pm to 10pm. SGD75++ per person
The Brunch Beats: Every Sunday, 12pm to 3pm. SGD158++ per person

Themed Night Buffet Dinners at Seasonal Tastes
Did you know that you get to enjoy a different buffet theme every night at Seasonal Tastes? From German classics on Tuesdays to Thai specialties on Thursdays to a wide spread of alluring desserts on Wednesdays, there is definitely something that will cater to your tastebuds. Oh boy, our sincere thanks to the creative chefs at Seasonal Tastes for giving us this myriad of culinary delights! Check out this link for the full list and details of all the themed night buffet dinners.

*This was an invited media tasting*

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