International Lunch Buffet at Town Restaurant – The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Town Restaurant Chocolate Fondue Fountain
With its marble columns, wood furnishings, leather armchairs, marble tiles, and modern cosmopolitan design, Town Restaurant at The Fullerton Hotel exudes a stately charm and sophisticated elegance. My colleagues and I went for the restaurant’s International Lunch Buffet on a weekday, and it was truly a satisfying meal. The buffet offers an alluring spread of Fresh Seafood, Japanese Sushi and Sashimi, Local Cuisine, a rich variety of delicious Desserts, and many other varieties of food.

Service was impeccable. The restaurant staffs were extremely attentive to our needs and they constantly helped to clear our plates and refill our beverages (tea, coffee or water). The chefs at the respective food counters were friendly and courteous too.

Town Restaurant Fullerton Hotel
Seafood aficionados will be pleased to know there is a delectable selection of fresh and succulent prawns, oysters, mussels, scallops and smoked salmons for the Town Restaurant lunch buffet. The seafood was displayed neatly on the ice bar, and I helped myself to multiple servings. What can I say? All the seafood tasted fresh and delicious, and my favourites were the oysters and scallops. The luscious oysters tasted perfect with a dash of tabasco and lemon juice. The scallops were large and tender, and even though it was a popular item, the restaurant ensured that there was always a decent amount left on the ice bar. This was the same case for the rest of the seafood – I do not recall the seafood being depleted throughout the whole buffet.

Town Restaurant Fullerton Hotel PrawnsFresh Poached Prawns

Town Restaurant Fullerton Hotel Seafood(left to right) Black Mussels, Scallops, Smoked Salmons

Local Cuisine
There was a variety of local food available, such as the popular Chicken Rice, Roasted and BBQ Pork, Duck Rice, and Laksa (spicy noodle soup). Most of the local food tasted average (in my opinion, the best local food can only be found at old-school hawker stalls), but I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious Laksa! Town Restaurant has an interesting “laksa-bar” concept where you get to “create your own laksa”. Basically, you get to choose your noodles (vermicelli, yellow noodles, or thick noodles) and toppings (prawn, fishcake, fried beancurd and quail egg). The orange-peach coloured prawns looked freshly-blanched and were peeled into half-lengthwise. I took a small portion of each type of noodles and added a few prawns, fishcakes, fried beancurds (taupok), and one quail egg. The friendly chef helped me to add the laksa gravy, and I topped it off with a dash of coriander powder. As I took my first sip of the gravy, I was impressed by the rich flavour of the laksa. The gravy tasted smooth and savoury, and the succulent prawns provided a delicate undertone to the overall taste. Shiok la! While Town Restaurant’s Laksa might still be bested by some of the laksas at our local hawker stalls, it was still definitely a legitimate and delicious bowl of Laksa!

Town Restaurant Fullerton Hotel LaksaMy Laksa Creation

Create your own laksa at Town Restaurant, Fullerton Hotel SingaporeCreate your own laksa!

Japanese Food
Town Restaurant offers the usual spread of Japanese sushi and sashimi (salmon, tuna, snapper, etc). Like the rest of the buffet spread, the Japanese food did not disappoint too. The sushi and sashimi all tasted fresh and tasty.

Town Restaurant Fullerton Hotel Japanese FoodSashimi

The Town Restaurant lunch buffet offers lean cuts of grill-roasted beef tenderloin. The meat was tender and juicy, and I had to go back for second servings. I enjoyed the savoury fish curry as well.

Town Restaurant Fullerton Hotel Roasted BeefRoasted Beef

By the time I finished with the main buffet items, I was already feeling quite full. But my colleagues kept coming back with cute little dessert servings, and I knew I had to get some for myself. That was my best decision of the day. Town Restaurant serves wonderfully delicious desserts, and I regretted not having started on them earlier! First, there was the decadent warm Milk Chocolate Fondue Fountain, with small marshmallow pieces, honeydew, strawberry, peaches and grapes displayed neatly on the side. There’s nothing quite so provocative and delicious-looking as a fountain overflowing with copious amounts of melted chocolate. I made a beeline for the fondue counter and filled my plate with several pieces of chocolate-coated strawberries and honeydews. They looked so good that I finished a few pieces even before I made it back to my table. The warm-chocolate-and-fruit combination simply tasted wonderful. This is a sinful indulgence that everyone must try! Some of my other favourites included the Chocolate Mousse in Shooter Glass, Chocolate Pudding, Blueberry Crumble, Crème Brulee, and Tiramisu. Yes these are fattening and sinful, but they were simply too delicious to pass up! For me, the desserts were the highlight of the Town Restaurant lunch buffet.

Town Restaurant Chocolate Fondue FountainAlluring Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Town Restaurant Fullerton Hotel DessertsSinful Dessert Table

Conclusion: Great International Buffet with Classy Ambience, Impeccable Service, and Delicious Desserts!
I had a great lunch here. It is rare to find a buffet where almost all the food tastes fresh and wonderful. The restaurant provides impeccable service and a classy ambience where you can dine in style comfortably. And did I mention I loved the sinfully delicious desserts? The only downside was that the buffet spread was slightly limited. However, the quality of the buffet food made up for this. The international lunch buffet is only available on weekdays (there is a lunch buffet on Saturday as well but it is not an international spread, and on Sundays the restaurant only serves brunch buffet during lunch hours).

If you are looking for a classy restaurant with a delicious international buffet spread, Town Restaurant at The Fullerton Hotel is the place to go!

Directions to Town Restaurant
The Fullerton Hotel is located near Raffles MRT.

Town Restaurant @ The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178
Reservations: +65 6877 8128 or email

Town Restaurant International Buffet Price
International Lunch Buffet (Mon to Fri only): Adult $54++, Child (0 to 5) Free, Child (6 to 11) $27++
Lunch Buffet Hours: 11.30am to 2.30pm

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Town Restaurant Fullerton Hotel Cooked FoodCooked Food Selection

Town Restaurant Fullerton Hotel Local CuisineLocal Cuisine: Chicken Rice, Roasted and BBQ Pork, Duck Rice

Town Restaurant Fullerton Hotel SingaporeTown Restaurant @ The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

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