Marutama Ramen Review – Yummy Ramen with Savoury Chicken Soup Base

Marutama Ramen at Clark Quay Central Singapore

Marutama Ramen at Clark Quay Central

I wipe away the beads of perspiration running down my forehead as I walk under the hot sun along Circular Road towards Clark Quay Central mall. It’s my office lunch break and I have arranged to meet Raevian for lunch at 12.30pm at Marutama Ramen. When I reach the restaurant, I see that Raevian is already in the queue of about five people.

This Marutama Ramen branch is located on the third floor of Clark Quay Central Mall. Even though it’s not within the main CBD area, it is still a popular lunch venue for office folks working in the area. I’ve heard of Marutama-Ramen-Fanatics who are willing to walk under the hot sun all the way from the Raffles area to Central just for a bowl of Marutama Ramen before rushing back to work. This place is also popular among many local foodies.

Marutama Ramen Counter Seats

Marutama Ramen Ambience

After queuing for about five minutes, we enter the restaurant. The interior is modeled after the Japanese izakaya, which is an establishment that serves as a casual place for after-work drinking and eating in Japan. The restaurant provides counter seats, where you can get a front row view of the hustle and bustle in the kitchen, as well as regular table seats.

The designer has definitely put in effort to simulate the izakaya feel. Once we step into the restaurant, the entire restaurant staff immediately welcome us with loud Japanese greetings. They also communicate loudly with each other in Japanese constantly. Luckily I’ve been here before so I’m mentally prepared for this cultural phenomenon. When I came the first time, I was pretty taken aback (aren’t Japanese supposed to be quiet and reserved?). There are also many Japanese elements such as the numerous Japanese calligraphy paintings on the Japanese walls and the wooden furniture.

Marutama Ramen Food

Marutama Ramen is known for its unique chicken soup base, the “Toripaitan Soup”. This is a variation from the traditional soup bases of Shoyu (“soy sauce”), Miso, Shio (“salt”) and Tonkotsu (“pork bone”). I am a supporter of innovation so I like it that the restaurant has created its own brand of ramen soup base.

Marutama Ramen Clark Quay Central Singapore

Marutama Ramen ($12)

This is the flagship ramen of the restaurant – a delectable bowl of thin Ramen noodles served in hot chicken broth with a piece of tender Char Siew (sliced roast pork). Personally, I enjoy the thin noodles and I don’t understand why people keep referring to Marutama Ramen as “over-glorified instant noodles”. Just because they are thin doesn’t necessarily mean they are “instant noodles”. That’s discrimination – I’ve eaten my fair share of maggi noodles and I can testify that these do not taste like instant noodles! The char siew is tender and tastes decent, but not spectacular. I really enjoy the yummy chicken broth which goes well with the ramen noodles. It’s savoury but not overly-rich, and I almost finish drinking the whole bowl.

Katsuo Syouyu Ramen Singapore

Katsuo Syouyu Ramen ($12)

We also order one of the new items on the menu, the Katsuo Syouyu Ramen. This ramen with Shoyu soup base is slightly saltier than the Marutama Ramen. The soup base is quite flavourful and tasty but personally, I prefer the chicken soup base of Marutama Ramen. Overall, it tastes decent but not spectacular.

After finishing the hearty bowls of ramen, it’s time to head back to office..

Marutama Ramen Logo

Conclusion: Yummy Ramen Noodles Served in Savoury Chicken Broth!

Some of my friends claim that Marutama Ramen serves the “best Ramen in Singapore”. Even though we don’t think it’s the “best”, Raevian and I enjoyed eating here. The price is reasonable, and service is good and consistent as well. Marutama Ramen is definitely the place to go if you want to have a hearty bowl of yummy ramen noodles served in savoury chicken broth!

Marutama Ramen Trivia

– The first “Marutama Ramen” branch began operation in Japan in 2001.
– Other than Japan and Singapore, Marutama Ramen has branches in Indonesia,  Malaysia, Canada and China too!
– According to their website, the chicken soup base takes 5 hours to prepare daily, and NO MSG is added.
– Marutama Ramen’s logo resembles a basketball because the owner’s wife was a professional basketball player.

Marutama Ramen Locations

Marutama Ramen @ Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-90/91 The Central, Singapore 059817
Tel: +65 6534 8090
Opening Hours: Daily 11 am to  10pm

Marutama Ramen @ Liang Court
177 River Valley Road #02-01/02 Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore 179030
Tel: +65 6837 2480
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30 am to  10pm

Marutama Ramen @ Killiney
75 Killiney Road, Singapore 239529
Tel: +65 6352 6369
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30 am to  10pm

Marutama Ramen @ Suntec (FC)
3 Temasek Boulevard #03-18/20 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 6884 6224
Opening Hours: Daily 11 am to  10pm

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