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Dempsey Hill
Whenever Raevian and I want to find a nice place to chill out over dinner, the first place that comes to mind is Dempsey Hill. Situated near Orchard Road, this charming enclave serves as the ideal location for diners to enjoy their meals amidst lush greenery and vivid foliage.

Signboard at PS. Cafe, Harding Road (Dempsey Hill)PS. Cafe at Harding Road
Raevian and I recently went down to PS. Cafe at Harding Road (Dempsey Hill) for the celebration of her four-year-old niece’s birthday. This food joint offers diners a selection of tasty Western foods and sweet sinful desserts. They have three other branches at Ann Siang Hill, Palais, and Paragon. There is also a takeaway branch at Tiong Bahru.

Dessert Bar at PS. Cafe DempseyPS. Cafe Dempsey Dessert BarPS. Cafe Dempsey InteriorPS. Cafe Dempsey TablesAmbience
We went down on a Saturday night at around 6.30 pm and surprisingly it wasn’t difficult to find a parking lot. In fact, there were quite a few empty lots near the restaurant. After stepping through the classy glass doors, we were immediately greeted by a tempting array of desserts sitting on the dessert bar, along with a row of voguish-looking publications hanging underneath. The restaurant is flanked by a large glass wall on one side, so you can enjoy the scenic view outside the restaurant. Alfresco dining is available as well if you wish to be closer to nature. The zinc roof, large yellow round lamps, lounge music and beautiful view gives the restaurant a unique rustic feel, while still providing a relaxing and air-conditioned environment for patrons to dine comfortably.

I was enjoying the ambience of the restaurant so much that the waiter had to remind me to order food. Since we went in a large group, Raevian and I were able to sample a larger variety of food.

Chicken Rossa Penne at PS. Cafe DempseyChicken Rossa Penne ($26)
Grilled chicken, penne pasta, smoked bacon, spinach, mixed mushrooms tossed with garlic tomato cream sauce

Several of the items on the food menu were enclosed in boxes, and I assumed these were the chef’s recommendations. I ordered the Chicken Rossa Penne as it sounded the most appetizing to me (how can anyone not be tempted by grilled chicken, smoked bacon and mixed mushrooms tossed with garlic tomato cream sauce?) After taking my first mouthful, my first reaction was to turn to Raevian with wide eyes and exclaim: “Wow they serve pretty good food too!”.  Not only was the ambience great, the food was nice as well. This pasta dish offers you an interesting and rich mix of delicious ingredients (chicken, bacon, mushrooms) served in creamy tomato sauce. No wonder it was enclosed in that little box on the menu. I enjoyed this dish but towards the end I found it a tad too rich. But I guess this was by virtue of it being a pasta meal and pastas tend to be a little heavy/rich.

PS. Fish & Chips at PS. Cafe DempseyPS. Fish & Chips ($29)
crispy beer battered fish fillets, chunky fries, cog and veggie sticks served with homemade tartar sauce and kaffir lime aioli

Raevian ordered a relatively safe dish, the PS. Fish & Chips. This consists of three pieces of succulent fish fillets, a small bowl of juicy chunky fries, with the sinfulness mitigated by a small portion of salad on the plate. There are also two delectable sauces (tartar and kaffir lime aioli) to go along. The dish managed to pass Raevian’s high standards (phew) and I could understand why after tasting a small sample. Even though it was not the best fish and chips we had tasted before, the fish fillets and fries were still delicious enough for our palates. More importantly, it saved me from dealing with Raevian’s grave discontentment of eating mediocre food. We recommend this as a tasty dish for the non-risk-takers.

BBQ Ribs at PS. Cafe DempseyBBQ Ribs ($30)
Sticky bbq sauce glazed baby back pork ribs & celeriac-black currant slaw with fritto misto citrus & onions

Other than the fish & chips and rossa penne, Raevian and I managed to sample her sister’s dish as well: BBQ Ribs. This simple four-syllable name belies the savoury taste of the pork ribs. Luckily, the description does it some justice: the succulent and juicy pork ribs are covered in a thick layer of barbeque blackcurrant sauce containing ketchup and vinegar, and adorned by a handful of citrus and onions dipped in creamy flour batter and deep fried in olive oil. The meat is wonderfully tender and moist, and goes nicely with the sauce. I guess you just can’t go wrong with bbq ribs.

PS.Profiteroles at PS. Cafe Dempsey HillPS.Profiteroles ($16)
choux pastry puffs filled with balls of vanilla bean ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce

On a separate visit to PS. Cafe at Palais, Raevian had ordered PS. Profiteroles to share with her friends. This French-inspired sinful dessert consists of four cream puffs covered in copious amounts of chocolate sauce and embellished with a handful of almond flakes.

Truffle Shoestring Fries at PS. Cafe Dempsey HillTruffle Shoestring Fries ($15)
with grated parmesan and parsley tossed in truffle oil

It is hard to disappoint with truffle fries, and PS Cafe’s Truffle Shoestring Fries definitely makes the mark. The juicy fries are endowed with the distinctive flavor of truffle oil, and topped off with just a tad bit of grated Parmesan cheese and parsley.

PS. Cafe at Harding Road, Dempsey HillConclusion: Wonderful Ambience and Nice Food. Great place to chill out!
This was the perfect place to celebrate Raevian’s little niece’s birthday. From the moment I stepped into the restaurant, I was captivated by its ambience. The soft lighting, relaxing music, unimpeded view of the greenery, and rustic décor made this the perfect place for hanging out with friends and loved ones. The restaurant also serves nice food. The next time you are thinking of the ideal place for a romantic date or friends’ gathering, be sure to keep PS. Cafe at Harding Road (Dempsey Hill) in mind!

PS. Cafe Locations:

PS.Cafe at Harding Rd (Dempsey Hill)
28B Harding Rd, Singapore 249549
Tel: +65 6479 3343
Dinner Hours:
Mon to Thu, Sun & Public Holiday Eve – 6.30pm to 12.00am / Last food orders 10.30pm Last Bar Orders 11.00pm
Fri, Sat & Public Holiday Eve – 6.30pm to 2.00am / Last Food Orders 10.30pm Last Nite Bite Orders 12.00am Last bar orders 1.00am

PS.Cafe at A.S.H Park
45 Ann Siang Rd . #02-02. 069719. Singapore
Entrance via Ann Siang Hill Park
Dinner Hours:
Monday to Sunday including PH eve – 6.30pm to 12.00am / Last food orders 10.30p.m

PS.Cafe at Palais
Level 2 Palais S.C, 390 Orchard Rd. Singapore
Dinner Hours:
Mon to Thu, Sun & Public Holiday Eve – 6.00pm to 12.00am / Last food orders 10.30pm Last Bar Orders 11.00pm
Fri, Sat & Public Holiday Eve – 6.00p.m to 1.00a.m / Last Food Orders 10.30pm Last bar orders 12.00am

PS.Cafe at Paragon S.C
Level 3 Paragon S.C, 290 Orchard Rd. Singapore.
Dining & Tea Hours:
Everyday – 11.30am to 10.30pm / Last food orders 9.45pm

PS.Cafe Petit at Tiong Bahru
No.41 Blk 78. Guan Chuan St, Tiong Bahru. Singapore.
Takeaway & Retail Hours:
Everyday – 11.00am to 10.30pm / Last kitchen orders 10.00p.m

How to get to PS. Cafe:

By Shuttle Bus – Shuttle services are available at the below locations. You can refer to the Dempsey Hill website where they provide a detailed schedule of the shuttle services.

  1. Dempsey Hill, Blk 8D
  2. Bus-stop outside Gleneagles Hospital
  3. Bus-stop in front of Thai Embassy
  4. Orchard Boulevard Road (In front of Four Seasons Park)
  5. In front of ‘Au Petit Salut’ (Bus-stop B01)

By Cab – You can easily get to Dempsey Hill by grabbing a cab anywhere along Orchard Road. The trip should take 10 minutes or less.

By Car – We went down on a Saturday night at about 6.30pm and there were plenty of parking lots available near the restaurant.

Photos Galore
PS. Cafe at Dempsey, great place for family gatherings!Family gathering at PS. Cafe Dempsey HillPS. Cafe at Dempsey, great place for family gatherings!Family gathering at PS. Cafe Dempsey HillMirror at PS. Cafe Dempsey HillTaxi at PS. Cafe Dempsey HillClick on the menus to download high-resolution formatDinner Menu at PS. Cafe Dempsey HillBar Menu at PS. Cafe Dempsey HillPS. Cafe Signage at Dempsey Hill, Harding RoadPond with big fish at Dempsey Hill

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