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The Ultimate Seoul Travel Guide!

Planning a free and easy holiday is truly a tedious task. Therefore, we have created the Ultimate Seoul Travel Guide to help with your planning!

Being avid travellers ourselves, we understand the amount of work needed to plan a proper holiday. We need to learn about the country from scratch, research places of attractions, figure out logistics and accommodations, plan the daily itinerary, etc. Therefore, we hope that this guide will make life a little easier for people who are planning a trip to Seoul. Continue reading

6 Must-Try Foods at Gwangjang Market (Seoul)!

Gwangjang Market has a vibrant food market where you’ll experience cramped, elbow-to-elbow sort of seating; a cultural experience which we simply loved. This is a list of must-try foods at Gwangjang Market! Continue reading

Namdaemun Market (Seoul)

Namdaemun Market is located next to the historic Namdaemun (“Great South Gate”). It has over a thousand shops selling a huge variety of items such as clothes, art, ginseng, fishing equipment, etc. Continue reading

Where to Stay in Seoul

GarosuGilSeoul is a huge city with many prominent districts, and here’s the best areas to stay at. Continue reading

6 Things to do at University Quarter (Seoul)

University Quarter in Seoul is well-known for being an enclave of fashion streets, hip cafes, restaurants, elite colleges and artistic zones! Continue reading

5 Fun Things to Do in Gangnam (Seoul)!

Shopping, Korean Fried Chicken, Cafehopping, and more! Continue reading

4 Things to Do at Dongdaemun (Seoul)

Dongdaemun Market is world-famous for being a popular shopping district where you can find lots of large shopping malls that open through the night! Continue reading

8 Fun Things to Do in Itaewon (Seoul)!

Itaewon is a culturally diverse district with lots of fun activities. Here’s 8 fun things to do in Itaewon! Continue reading

4 Things to Do in Insa-dong, Seoul!

A List of 4 Fun Things to do in Insa-dong! Continue reading