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Summer Hardware Trading – Awesome Sanitary Ware Shop at Jalan Besar Singapore!

We visited many shops along Jalan Besar for our sanitary fittings, and it was definitely quite a tiring experience! Finally, we decided to make our purchase from Summer Hardware Trading. This is because we were very impressed by the great service and reasonable prices here. Continue reading

EDL – Awesome Laminate Company in Singapore

For the laminates in our house, we decided to go with EDL because we were thoroughly impressed by their high-quality laminates, top-notch service, and beautiful showroom. In this article we will share about our laminates journey with EDL. Continue reading

Getting our Door and Cabinet Handles from Shanghai Tong Lee Hardware Pte Ltd

We recently went to Shanghai Tong Lee Hardware Pte Ltd at Textile Centre to buy our cabinet door/ drawer handles. This is our review of this old-school hardware shop in Singapore. Continue reading

Uni-Arm: Awesome Door Closing System in Singapore

One of the most useful things we have installed in our house is the Uni-Arm door closing system. This is a very popular door mechanism installed by many homeowners in Singapore. Continue reading

Review of Getha (Singapore) – 100% Natural Latex Mattress!

I lay comfortably on the plush bed in the Getha showroom, feeling like I was going to doze off at any moment. It felt strange to be lying on a mattress in a public showroom, but there was no one else in the shop anyway. And the latex mattress was simply just too comfortable. This is our review of Getha, a company that sells premium latex mattresses in Singapore. Continue reading

Review of EcoPluz – Premium Vinyl Flooring in Singapore!

For our living room flooring, we decided to go with vinyl flooring from EcoPluz because it looks aesthetically pleasing and the price is very reasonable too. We were also very impressed by the good service when we visited the showroom. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to HDB Door Opening Rituals!

Door Opening Bean sproutingAfter we collected our keys for our new HDB BTO, we were quite unsure about how to go about the door opening rituals. After some research, we managed to find out more about the procedures. Continue reading

Feng Shui Consultation with Master David Tong (CMG Consulting)

David tong and meFor our wedding dates and HDB BTO Fengshui, we engaged the service of Master David Tong from CMG Consulting. It was a very pleasant experience working with him and we would definitely recommend him to young couples getting married and moving into their new home. Continue reading

Absolute Inspection – Awesome Defects Checking Company in Singapore

After waiting for a few years, we had finally gotten the keys to our new five room BTO! Raevian and I were really excited to embark on this new phase of our lives. However, we knew that there were still plenty of work to be done. The first important task was to check for defects in our new house. Luckily, we came across Absolute Inspection, a company that specializes in defects checking for new homes. We decided to engage the services of this company and it turned out to be one of our best decisions. Continue reading

Amari Watergate Bangkok Breeze Spa Review

Amari Watergate Bangkok Breeze SpaWe felt super rejuvenated after the luxurious pampering session! Continue reading

KFit Singapore Review and Promo Code!

Pay $69 a month for access to private gyms (eg True Fitness), yoga and pilates studios, Martial Arts schools, golf courses, and many more! Continue reading