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Tian Tan Big Buddha Statue, Hong Kong

Big Buddha Side View

Is the Big Buddha statue worth visiting?
Definitely yes. The Tian Tan Big Buddha statue is worth visiting because it is a majestic piece of Buddhist sculptural bronze art which embodies the harmonious Buddhist spirit. It towers above the surrounding tranquil greenery and is both awe-inspiring and beautiful at the same time. Continue reading

Culture of Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

Looking at the majestic skyscrapers lined along Victoria Harbour, one immediately gets the sense of Hong Kong’s capitalism and ambition. On the other hand, I also met many Hong Kongers who were kind and helpful, reflecting a more humble and Confucian way of life. This unique blend of behaviours was fascinating to me and it gave me a first-hand experience of the cultural amalgamation of East and West in Hong Kong. Below are some personal anecdotes of my cultural experiences in Hong Kong. Continue reading