Uni-Arm: Awesome Door Closing System in Singapore

One of the most useful things we have installed in our house is the Uni-Arm door closing system. This is a very popular door mechanism installed by many homeowners in Singapore.

What is the Uni-Arm Door Closing Mechanism?

Uni-Arm is a mechanism that acts like a “stopper” for your door. Once installed, it will prevent your door from closing once the door is pushed to a certain angle. It also provides the “soft-closing” function so you do not have to worry about your door being slammed shut.

This is unlike the default HDB door arm which doesn’t stop the door from closing or have the soft-closing property.

Arranging for Installation

The way to contact Uni-Arm is through their Facebook page. I sent a message to them and got a reply within the day. The admin also provided me with a picture of the uni-arm system. Below was his reply:

Hi, thank you for your interest. For main door with an existing door closer, to replace v-arm with uniarm: $55 for silver colour; $65 for black Or deep grey Or brown door arm. Recommended matching colour to door closer of your estate: BROWN. Prices mentioned include installation and 2 years warranty.”

I was undecided between brown or silver. This was because my main door is brown, but my wall color is white. Therefore, I asked the admin to send me pictures of the two colours. However, I got the below automated reply:

“Hi, thank you for your message. Our office is closed for the day. We will respond to your message on the next working day. Thank you! Our office hours are:
Mon-Fri: 9am – 6pm
Public Holidays: Closed”

This was because I had sent the message after 6pm. I got a reply the next morning instead. The admin was quite helpful and sent me pictures of the respective colours. After some thought, I decided to go with the silver uni-arm. The admin then informed me that there would be a group installation in my estate on the coming Sunday afternoon. I agreed with this date. However, the admin told me that the installation timing would only be confirmed the night before.

In the end, I was informed on Friday afternoon that the installation would take place between 1.30pm to 3pm on Sunday.

Installation on Actual Day

Picture from @EatandTravelwithus Instagram stories

On Sunday, Kelvin from Uni-Arm called me at about 1pm to inform that he would be arriving in about half an hour. He was very punctual and arrived exactly at the promised time.

The installation process was very fast and took around just ten minutes. After that, Kelvin explained to me how the uni-arm door closing mechanism worked. I learned from him that I could change the speed and angle of the door-closing by adjusting the screws on the uni-arm.

Email Invoice

The next day, I received the Uni-Arm payment receipt in my email.


On the whole, it was a very pleasant experience buying from Uni-Arm. Compared to the existing HDB door closing mechanism, Uni-Arm is definitely a much better system! This is because it provides both door-stopping and soft-closing functions. The Facebook admin was quite helpful and prompt. However, do take note that the admin will only reply on weekdays between 9am and 6pm.

We only got Uni-Arm installed about two weeks into our renovation. However, it is best that you get it installed as soon as possible. This is because the door might be damaged if it is unable to stay open when the workers are moving things. In addition, it also lets wind in which cools down the house. We learned the importance of this when we went to the house for our first-time door opening rituals. After our own experience with Uni-Arm, I highly recommend it for new homeowners in Singapore.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/uniarmsg

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