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For the laminates in our house, we decided to go with EDL because we were thoroughly impressed by their high-quality laminates, top-notch service, and beautiful showroom. In this article we will share about our experience with this well-known laminate company in Singapore.

What is EDL?

Panels in the background are covered with “Fenix” laminate

EDL is a well-know company in Singapore that sells laminates. It has been in the industry for over a decade. The laminates are sourced from leading manufacturers in Italy, Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

Free Samples Delivery Service

We were first introduced to EDL by our ID. They showed us laminate samples from various laminate companies and one of the companies was EDL. After going through the samples, we took a liking to EDL’s laminates and visited their website to see their other choices. After shortlisting some laminates from their website, I contacted them to send me the physical samples. That very same night, one EDL staff delivered the samples right to my doorstep! This was definitely exemplary service by EDL.

Beautiful EDL Laminates Showroom

We decided to visit the EDL laminates showroom before finalizing our choices. Stepping into the showroom, I was immediately in awe of the beautiful interior design. I was expecting just a simple space with some laminate samples, but what I saw definitely surpassed my expectations.

The showroom is designed beautifully with different design themes in the respective sections. These themes include Japanese minimalism, modern, luxurious, etc. I liked touring the showroom because it gave me a better idea of how the laminates would look like on actual carpentry. This was more useful than just looking at a piece of laminate sample.

Large Variety of Laminate Samples

There were plenty of samples for us to choose from! We were simply spoiled for choice. After looking through numerous samples, we narrowed down our choices to about one dozen. We brought these samples home to further consider. After contemplating for a while, we finally decided to go with the below laminates.

Kitchen Cabinets / DB Box / TV Console – “DSK 5700SM Porcelain”

The general color theme of our house is white / pastel, so we decided to use DSK 5700SM Porcelain as the laminate for our kitchen cabinets, DB box, and TV console. We chose this white laminate because it has a very nice texture that looks quite classy. It is also quite scratch resistant.  Some of the other white laminates we saw were overly glossy or smooth, which gave them a rather cheap look.

Wardrobe – “Fenix LS 0880FX Grigio Londra”

For our wardrobe, we chose the Fenix LS 0880FX Grigio Londra. Among all the laminates we came across, this was definitely our favourite! It has a wonderful color tone and texture which give it a really classy look.

This laminate is part of the Fenix series. Fenix is an extremely high-quality and durable laminate that makes use of nanotechnology in its manufacturing process. It is anti-fingerprint, highly resistant to scratches and heat, waterproof, and mould-proof. It even has a “self-healing” property. We were quite skeptical at first when the EDL staff told us about this quality. However, after we scratched the laminate with our key, we were amazed to see that the scratch mark actually disappeared after a few minutes! (P.S. I had to scratch really hard before I could see the scratch mark on the laminate sample)

It is also possible to use Fenix for your kitchen counter-top. This is because it is a highly durable material that can withstand heat and abrasion.

However, this premium laminate comes with a premium price as well. Even though it is quite expensive, we still decided to use it for our wardrobe because of its gorgeous aesthetics and exceptional properties.

DB Box Interior – “EMM 2723 Dark Silver Brush”

Finally, for our DB display box interior, we went with the EMM 2723 Dark Silver Brush. This shimmering silver laminate was perfect for our DB display box. We had installed LED strip lights in the display box, which gave the silver laminate a beautiful shiny appearance.

Great Service

We enjoyed touring the EDL laminates showroom very much. There was always a staff nearby to assist with our queries. And one of them even brought us complimentary bottled water.


We are glad that we came across EDL for our carpentry laminates. It was a wonderful experience touring the laminate showroom. After the visit, we got a much better idea of the laminates we wanted for our house. If it is inconvenient for you to go to the showroom, you can also visit the EDL website to browse the laminates and request them to deliver the samples to your house. With its great service and high quality laminates, I would definitely recommend EDL laminates for your home carpentry.

Address: 43 Sungei Kadut Street 1 Singapore 729348
Phone Number: +65 6369 0990
Opening Hours: | Mon to Fri: 8.30am – 5.30pm | Sat: 8.30am – 1pm | Sun & PH: Closed |
Website: http://edleuro.com

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