Our Amazing Flying Experience on the Singapore Airlines Suites Class

For our honeymoon, Raevian and I flew the Singapore Airlines Suites from Singapore to JFK Airport in New York City. This elite seat class has captured people’s imagination for quite a few years now and we were glad to finally experience it for ourselves. This is our review of the fabled Singapore Airlines Suites.

What is the Singapore Airlines Suites Class?

Singapore Airlines SuitesThe Singapore Airlines Suites Class is an elite class of seats offered on the SQ Airbus A380 planes. It differs from First Class which is for the smaller Boeing 777. During booking, you can see whether it’s a Suites or First Class seat in your flight details. The SQ Suites Class is bigger and more luxurious than First Class.

The Private Room

Check-in Counter at the First Class Reception Lounge

The Private Room Dining Area

Our Suites Class experience started from even before the flight. We checked in at the First Class Reception Lounge, before making our way to The Private Room. This is an exclusive lounge reserved for SQ Suites or First Class passengers. It was the best airport lounge I had ever been to! The lounge exudes an old-world charm with its dark-wood furnishings and leather sofas, complete with a lush carpet lining the floor. While waiting for our flight, we ordered a variety of fine dining dishes at the classy dining area. You can check out our full review of The Private Room. Soon, it was time to board our flight. Golden tickets in hand, we slowly made our way towards the flight of our lives.

Spacious and Luxurious Cabins

As I entered the Suites Class section, I was blown away by the amazing cabins here. They were huge! The seat pitch (distance between my seat and the seat in front) is 205 cm, and the seat width is 90cm. This is significantly bigger than the 140cm pitch/ 76cm width in Business Class, and about double the 81cm pitch / 48cm width in Economy.

Yup, no more worries about that annoying front passenger reclining backwards and knocking on your knees.

All the cabins are equipped with personal doors and blinds that can be closed if you want privacy. If you are an anti-social person (like me), or you want to take a nap without being disturbed, you can simply press the “Do Not Disturb” button.

Listening to Donnie Yen beat up Stormtroopers with SQ Bose Headphones

We were each given a pair of noise-cancelling Bose Headphones. They were quite effective in blocking out sounds, and were comfortable to wear. Sound quality was very good too.

We were also happy to each receive the Salvatore Ferragamo toiletries bag, filled with very atas Ferragamo toiletries.

Impeccable Service

Salvatore Ferragamo toiletries bag
TWG TeaGoing with tea instead of champagne for my welcome drink because I was feeling unwell

After I settled down in my cabin, the lead stewardess came and kneeled down beside my seat. She addressed me by name and asked for my choice of drink before take-off. As I was feeling a little unwell, I requested for a hot cup of TWG Moroccan Mint Tea. She offered me a selection of newspapers and I asked for The Financial Times. After that, the chief steward and flight supervisor came along to personally introduce themselves to us. We felt like royalty!

We were also served some tasty nuts. After the plane took off, I was offered a choice of champagne between Krug Grande Cuvee and the 2006 Dom Perignon Brut. Even though I was still feeling unwell, I decided to oblige and go with the Krug because I didn’t want to disappoint the crew (ok actually I just wanted to drink champagne). This was definitely a nice and classy way to start our long flight.

Meal 1: Supper

Malossol Caviar and Pave of Balik Salmon

A short while later, I inquired with the stewardess on when supper would be served as I was feeling a little hungry. She smiled and replied that in Suites Class, the meals are served as and when the passenger wants them.

“Ah I see, can you serve it now?” I replied, feeling a little sheepish.

For our flight, we had used SQ’s Book the Cook service to pre-order our meals. In this way, we could order some awesome dishes that were not available on the standard menu.

Spanish Iberico Ham with Slow Roasted Tomato and Padron Pepper

We started our epic Suites Class meal experience with two appetizers: Malossol Caviar and Pave of Balik Salmon, and Spanish Iberico Ham with Slow Roasted Tomato and Padron Pepper. I enjoyed the caviar/salmon, but I think the iberico ham required more of an acquired taste (which I didn’t have).

For our soup, we went with the Peking Duck Consomme, which consisted of duck dumpling, shaved abalone and mushroom. It was nice to drink the hot savoury soup in the cold cabin.

And finally, I was served the pièce de résistance, the much anticipated Classic Lobster Thermidor. This was definitely an impressive in-flight dish, but I found it to be slightly underwhelming as the meat was a little too tough. Perhaps my expectations were too high.

Changing to SQ Pyjamas

After supper, it was time to rest for the night. I went to the bathroom to change into my comfortable pyjamas, which are only available in Singapore Arlines Suites Class. You know, because it’s completely normal to sleep on planes in airline pyjamas.

Suites Class Toilet

Leather Flap to sit on

The toilet was only slightly bigger than the typical Economy class bathroom. However, it offered plenty of premium toiletries. There was also a leather flap which could be lowered to sit on. I spent some time to wash up and brush my teeth, etc.

The World-Renowned SQ “Double Bed”

By the time I returned to my cabin, it had been converted into an amazing double bed with Raevian’s cabin. And so there we were, wearing our SQ pyjamas and resting on a double bed in the sky. It was a surreal experience to say the least.

After half an hour of  being in awe of the double bed (and watching movies), we turned off the lights to rest for the night.

It was our best in-flight sleep ever.

Meal 2: Breakfast

Feeling refreshed after our sleep!

Jamaican Blue Mountain

The next day, we woke up feeling refreshed. Breakfast was soon served. I started with a cup of aromatic Jamaican Blue Mountain, which is one of the rarest (and most expensive) coffees in the world. True to its reputation, I found the coffee to be very aromatic and full-bodied.

Next up, I treated my stomach to fruits and healthy Fruit Yogurt topped with Muesli. The adding of muesli was a special request by me.

I was now ready for my main breakfast dish, the Grilled Angus Beef Burger. My expectations were high for this dish. Luckily it did not disappoint. I enjoyed the savoury beef patty and toasted buns.

Raevian ordered the Poached Egg Served With Hollandaise Sauce, which was pretty satisfying too. I tried this dish but personally I still preferred my burger.

A few hours later after the meal, we arrived at Frankfurt Airport for our transit flight to JFK Airport.

Lufthansa Senator Lounge

Upon alighting, we were personally led to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge by an SQ crew member. This is a nice classy lounge reserved for First Class passengers. After a hot shower in the spacious bathroom here, we quickly left to catch our flight to JFK Airport.

Meal 3: Brunch

After boarding, the first meal served was brunch. I ordered the Bircher Museli, a sweet and healthy dish perfect for starting the day.

Boston Lobster Thermidor
Afterwards, I went on to enjoy my Boston Lobster Thermidor. This tasted much better than the earlier lobster dish, and I finished the entire dish in a rush. The white lobster meat was fresh and tender, and it tasted delicious with the creamy sauce.

Raevian went with the Bresse Chicken with Morel Polenta Zucchini Asparagus And Jus. The chicken meat was succulent and went well with the savoury gravy.

For desserts, we had the Strawberry Shortcake, which consisted of shortbread topped with mascarpone mousse and paired with basil ice cream. This was a nice sweet treat to end the meal.

Meal 4: Lunch

A few movies and a nap later, it was time for our last meal on the flight. I had the tantalizing Suckling pig with Beer Sauce. I enjoyed the savory pork meat doused in tasty beer sauce. The meat could have been even more tender but nonetheless it was a very satisfying dish.

For our very last dish, Raevian and I indulged in the Warm Chocolate Ganache Cake dessert, recommended by our friendly chief steward. The sweet chocolate cake was soft and fluffy, turning into a pleasant mush in my mouth.

SQ Teddy Bears

Before landing, we were given a pair of adorable Singapore Airlines teddy bears. These will definitely be well kept by us.


And finally, after a total of about 24 hours, we reached New York City. I actually wished the flight was even longer so that I could enjoy the SQ Suites Class experience more! The cabins were incredibly comfortable and service was impeccable. The meals were superb by in-flight meal standards – there was definitely a wider variety than the usual “chicken or fish” options. You can click here to see the entire Singapore Airlines Suites Class menu.

Perhaps one day Singapore Airlines could look into including an onboard bar or even a shower room? And with the impending new Suites Class, who knows?

On the whole, travelling on the Singapore Airlines Suites Class was an amazing experience which I will never forget.

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