Review of EcoPluz – Premium Vinyl Flooring in Singapore!

For our living room floor, we decided to go with vinyl flooring from EcoPluz because it looks aesthetically pleasing and the price is very reasonable too. We were also very impressed by the good service when we visited the showroom.

What is EcoPluz?

EcoPluz is a Singapore company that specializes in vinyl flooring. The products are manufactured in South Korea. The vinyl floorings are certified with the Singapore Green Label, which means that they are safe for indoor use. This is an important factor for me because vinyl flooring is made from synthetic materials which can be hazardous to health. Therefore, I felt more reassured knowing that EcoPluz’s vinyl floorings are certified to be safe for use inside residences.

Awesome Service!

We visited the showroom in Kakit Bukit and the service was wonderful. The staff answered all our questions patiently, and even offered us drinks. They were happy to show us all the samples they had, and we were given our shortlisted samples to take home after the visit.

4 Types of Textures

EcoPluz offers four types of textures: Emboss, Smooth, Pore, and Hand-scraped. We were allowed to walk on the samples to get a feel of each texture. Emboss is a raised uneven texture that nevertheless feels quite comfortable to walk on. Smooth, as the name suggests, is an extremely smooth surface that felt slightly artificial to me (but I’m pretty sure there are people who will like it). Pore is an engraved surface; we didn’t like this texture because we were worried that it would trap dust in the many “pores”. We didn’t get to try Hand-scraped. Overall, we liked the feeling of walking on the Emboss texture the most.

Our Choices (and the Price)

After going through all the samples, we narrowed our choices down to just three: Snowdrift (150914), Valley Cherrywood (150905), and Toasted Walnut (150907). We were given samples of each to bring home so we could slowly think it over. The price for all EcoPluz color choices are the same at $6.50 psf with skirting, and $6.00 without skirting. This is inclusive of installation.

We liked Snowdrift because it is very light in colour and would give our house a bright cheery look. It has a very smooth texture which was quite comfortable to walk on. On the other hand, Toasted Walnut is a dark-colored emboss vinyl flooring that would give our house a classy vibe. Finally, Valley Cherrywood is a pore flooring with a color tone that is in between Snowdrift and Toasted Walnut.

After much consideration, we decided to go with Toasted Walnut. This was because we liked the dark color and the feeling of the emboss texture. We didn’t go with Snowdrift because it had a slightly yellowish color tone which we didn’t like. The smooth texture felt a little artificial to us as well. We didn’t choose Valley Cherrywood because the finishing looked a little “rough”, and we didn’t like the pore texture.


There are many skirting choices to match your selected vinyl flooring.


It was a wonderful experience visiting the EcoPluz showroom. Service was awesome and we got a good feel of the various types of vinyl floorings available. Once our Toasted Walnut vinyl flooring has been laid, we will update this article with the pictures!

Address: 1 Kakit Bukit Road 1, #01-39 Enterprise One, Singapore 415934
Phone: +65 6281 3668
Opening Hours: | Mon to Fri: 10.30am – 7pm | Sat: 11am – 3pm | Sun & PH: Closed |

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